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Instant meditation and relaxation: Cow Mudra/ Cow Gaze

I'll share a detailed list of eye exercises later as I find time (I've already got a few on the eyestrain website), but this one I'm going to share today is useful not just for eyes, but for the entire brain. [Btw, if you spend much time on the computer each day, do consider doing the eye exercises I've suggested; these can save you from severe agony.]

So what is this exercise? Well, the title of this post gives it away.

Basically, the typical yogic method of unwinding can take up to 10 seconds to reach a meditative state.

But recently, in order to relax my eyes totally, I thought: What is the most relaxed animal on earth?

Well, that is clearly the cow. Or buffalo. TOTALLY CONTENT AND RELAXED.

And so I imagined myself to be a cow.


That was the most startling and instantaneous relaxation I've come across. At least 10 times faster than what any yoga teacher has taught me.

Best part of this is that I don't have to shut my eyes (as is the case with most yogic meditation). I can walk around and meditate! Imagining that I'm a cow walking around. Totally relaxed.

This has been great for the eyes, but even better for the entire body.

Try it out. Imagine YOU are a cow. Look around at these funny humans walking around. And some peculiar blue, white, yellow blobs (cars). What are these things? Hmm… Let me chew cud … And get my tongue into my nostrils … And swat the flies with my tail …

What is this shiny blob (computer screen) … What is going on …

Let me know if this exercise worked for you!

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