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Proposed five point agenda for the Lok Sabha elections for SBP

Preliminary suggestion. Please write to me at since I don’t take comments on this blog at present.

सबको न्याय, सबको सुरक्षा, सबको शिक्षा, हम सब एक

  1. Secular India: India for everyone. No subsidy for religions. Government has no role in religious matters.
  2. Employment: Freedom of occupation and trade. Removal of obstructions on business. Self employment and elimination of unemployment.
  3. Education: Empowerment of the poor through school vouchers in the best private schools
  4. Agriculture: Abolition of all restrictions on agriculture and trade. Abolition of Essential Commodities Act.
  5. Justice: Police and courts to provide justice within six months.


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The complete mental incapacity of those who defend a ban on cow slaughter

I put out a tweet a few days ago:


As expected, a lot of people seem to oppose it. But also as expected, and very sadly, there is NO LOGIC to their “arguments”.

Time permitting, I’ll consolidate these fake “arguments” on this blog.


Analysis of the arguments of those who want a ban on cow slaughter

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