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What’s JP saying? Can someone please translate?

I'm concerned about this:

It has taken JP many years of work to finally decide to enter politics. India can't afford to lose people like him. What's he saying? Can someone please explain?

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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10 thoughts on “What’s JP saying? Can someone please translate?
  1. Bindu

    I will attempt a rough translation, but beware TV9 the reporting media house is very notorious to take comments out of context and amplifying unintended message. I was myself very worried about this but the entire speech is no where to be found. So I am awaiting full details though :

    I believe the context of the question and answer might have something to do with Lok Satta ‘s performance in the recent by elections where in it contested from two places Kovur and Mahbubnagar and polled 1500 and 450 votes respectively where the total number of voters are 2 lak 12 thousand and 1 lakh 76 thousand respectively AND voting percentages were 84 and 76 respectively.

    Before that I urge you to read the article in this link first :

    and the winning candidate polled over 70,000 votes and he was originally a member of the party A now offering 500 rupees per vote but rebelled and joined party B now offering 1000 rupees per vote but decide to resign and now contesting on the ticket of party C offering 200 rupees per vote

    So here is the translation :
    JP says :
    “We tried to present to people of this country, the most legitimate and honest political platform and working without any compromise and being a part of solution in every situation and working diligently towards those solutions by using our limited resources and amplifying the effects of these limited resources with well thought out procedures. Working day and night to build a platform for honest politics for the future of India.

    If we donot receive even 5 % support from the people, then it raises the question whether the society wants such a platform or not. Whether there is a necessity of a platform like lok satta or not. If they people donot want such a platform, then lok satta will be happy to go home ( and leave policitical arena). If people think that politicians who treat politics as a business are what they want and reject those who treat it as a noble endeavor, then we are happy to move out of politics “

  2. Bindu

    If you can send me your email ID, I would like to give more details on what Lok satta did to convince the voters to vote for lok satta in these two constituencies.

  3. AAryan

    The poor and not so well-to-do people in AP are just after short term gains (Cash for votes), larger the family more is the cash. They are ready to sacrifice their 259 weeks of their life and rights for the sake of 1 week abundance of cash.
    The plight of these people is that they think a free and liberal state is just a dream, which will never come true.

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    JPs analysis is perhaps flawed. The reality is that Lok Satta doesn’t yet have the quality of leaders that other parties often put on offer. How many JPs in Lok Satta? Let Lok Satta work more closely with FTI, and focus on leadership first. Then its credibility will become stronger. JP’s goal and work is good, but the strategy needs refining.


  5. Bindu

    But none of the other parties have even one JP quality leader. and the winning candidate was a person who contested with a new party (though he was formerly a member of congress) but came out of congress after he had differences with the others and set up his new party. He neither has a fleet of leaders (of any quality) nor has any long established party cadre nor has he shown people what his product is. He dint even have a product to show to people. Forget about a finished one

    so how does this logic hold in the current by election results..

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Bindu, it is true that other parties don’t have any leader of the quality of JP. It is not true, however, that other parties have no “product” to offer. They provide extensive services to people on the ground. They have massive networks, mostly funded through corrupt black money. Regardless, these existing parties actually work. Do try to study them carefully. You’ll be surprised at their reach, persistence, and impact.

    LS can offer nothing in comparison, when it comes to grassroots connections. That’s why the product that JP is offering is, unfortunately, half-baked. It won’t sell today, but if sufficient homework is done, it will sell – in the coming years.



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