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The medical profession is in shambles. A farce.

By now I've begun to believe that the medical profession is a FARCE – or almost a farce, anyway.

Eye specialists, please read this ACADEMIC REPORT to update your knowledge about dry eyes.

Very little sign that doctors are capable of thinking. The more I meet "doctors" and "specialists", the less I now care for ANYTHING THEY SAY. How can we protect ourselves from IGNORANT doctors (and "economists")? That's the great challenge facing mankind.

What's the point of having "doctors" if every time I have a problem I am forced to figure out the solution myself?

If simple things are involved these people can generally solve the problem – although that is not something we can take for granted. The other day I read that a World Bank study by Das and Hammer found that more than half the treatments suggested by government doctors were likely to make patients worse, not better. [Source]

Well, I'm convinced that this is not just applicable in India or to government doctors. It is a WORLDWIDE phenomenon. More than half the doctors in the West are bumbling nitwits who will generally worsen your problem through their ignorance.

*  * *

Yes, I know that a lot of my friends are doctors so they'll probably object to my strong language. But when the doctor fraternity has PRIMARILY GIVEN ME PAIN – or little relief from pain – and I have been forced to find out solutions to my problems myself (after undertaking significant research and experimentation), then I don't feel much sympathy towards doctors.

I won't go into my the RSI issue. That was super painful, very difficult. And after being bumped around like a tennis ball from one "specialist" to another – each of them without ANY CLUE about the problem – I was forced to find out the solution on my own. For the past many years now my solution (yes, MY solution) is still the world's No.1 remedy for RSI on google (type in "rsi cure" to check for yourself; also join this FB group to find out how I'm helping others resolve their RSI problem).

But my RSI problem has been NOTHING compared with the SEVERE eye problem I developed last October.

Doctors and a specialist then did the usual rigmarole: giving me UTTERLY USELESS "remedies" and sending me on a wild-goose chase. I was forced – once again – to find out the solution myself.

Each of the "solutions" I initially found was imperfect. It is only now – after suffering this ghastly problem for nearly one year and after trying out all kinds of things (self-directed, self-discovered), and continuing to read ENORMOUS amounts of academic literature including journal articles (and watching tens of Youtube movies) – that have I finally figured out the basic cause of my eye problem and HENCE finalised the solution.

My earlier efforts to solve this problem were in the right direction but were not the FINAL solution since they did not identify the cause properly. It is so crucial to know the correct cause.

This time the story fits. Everything fits. The jigsaw has been solved. 

*  *  *

The eye specialist I went to laughed off my eye pain, saying that it should go away if go for a walk. This "specialist" didn't know the basic fact that ALL eye doctors should know like the back of their hand – that the cornea of the eye is SUPER-SATURATED WITH NERVES. It is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. My cornea was HURTING and making my entire head hurt badly. And this fool was fobbing me off.

I asked this "specialist" to analyse the cause and undertake relevant tests. I even suggested the names of the tests. He tried to fool me, saying that regardless of the cause there is only one solution: anti-inflammatory eye drops. A crass idiot!

The truth is that there are MANY different causes of eye pain and each cause has a different remedy.

What I have found by now is that I have (or had, till I found the cure) an EVAPORATIVE dry eye problem. This problem occurs when when the OIL layer of the tears is insufficient, which makes tears dry off quickly. 

When the tears dry off the result is ASTONISHINGLY PAINFUL. Why? Because RAW NERVES in the nerve-rich cornea get exposed to the air. That sends horrendous pain signals to the brain. Only when asleep does the pain switch off.

This "specialist" was making light of my pain, suggesting that it wasn't even necessary to conduct a test. This FOOL "knew" everything without applying his mind.

Had there been a deficiency in the watery layer I would have needed punctal plugs. Had there been a deficiency in the quality of the oil layer I would have needed nutritional supplements.

But my problem was LACK OF SUPPLY of the oil layer. That's what I know now. It had NOTHING (or almost nothing) to do with "inflammation".

To cut the long story short I found the cure on my own last weekend. I had to be like Sherlock Holmes. Each piece of the jigsaw came together. Then I knew I had the answer.

My earlier "solutions" (manuka honey and aloe vera) worked for a while because they were in the right direction. But they were not the complete cure.

The complete cure is now available here.

Only, I'm afraid that by now my eye glands might have got permanently damaged due to the significant delay in finding the cause (hence the cure).

Had the "eye specialist" conducted proper tests AND USED HIS HEAD he would have quickly identified the cause of my pain – as Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. But he did not bother to use his HEAD. He was applying LAZY thinking, PREJUDICE. He assumed he knew my problem. He gave me a general-purpose eye steriod

This past one year has been sheer hell. It is difficult to describe what life feels like when one's head is CONSTANTLY swimming in pain. It is tragic that "SPECIALISTS" don't care to investigate such problems carefully even when the solution is actually quite simple.


I recommend that you treat "specialists" like mental deficients, retards.

First find out in advance from Mr. Google (spend a lot of time acquiring knowledge) about your problem. That way when you meet the doctor tell him or her EXACTLY what you want him to do. Don't let the "doctor" dictate the conversation. TELL HIM what to do.

Also, ASK question to check whether the "specialist" knows anything. Most likely he/she has forgotten everything he/she learnt in medical school, and has not read a SINGLE WORD since then.

If you rely on "specialists" you are doomed.

So START THINKING for yourself.

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6 thoughts on “The medical profession is in shambles. A farce.
  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I don’t think this is about taking a “lead role”. It is about a profession that is becoming populated by IGNORANT QUACKS.

    I don’t even visit quacks. It might soon be necessary to stop going to doctors altogether if the profession doesn’t get its act together.

    And yes, the message must go out loud and clear: DO NOT LOSE HOPE JUST BECAUSE YOUR DOCTOR IS AN IDIOT. Most doctors are cretins. Let’s use our own head and solve our own problems.

  2. Mary Brown

    You might have just saved my life! Nine years I’ve had debilitating eye pain and have seen 22 eye doctors including 3 at “top-rated” medical centers, with no relief. They have diagnosed everything from dry eye to migraines, and the drops caused me temporary blindness and additional pain. Sadly my son has been experiencing the same pain for several years and has seen numerous doctors without relief. I know from personal experience that the doctors in America are clueless, arrogant and nothing better than pill-pushers. Do you know of any that treat this disorder properly? Also, you must read: for the most current treatments. Thanks for posting your story!

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    My case turned out to be merely one of excessive computer work which essentially overworked all my facial and eye muscles. I’m much better now (not 100 per cent yet) based on the cure that I discovered for myself:

    I’m not sure about the cause of your pain but if it came upon after excessive reading/ writing/ computer work, then you might benefit from the cure I have invented.

    Let me add that the pain, burning and other sensations I’ve undergone are beyond description.

  4. Jasmina

    The only thing my doctor is good for is prescribing medication.p, since I can’t do that myself. 😙

  5. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Indeed, that’s what’s become of many doctors. The idea that we need an intermediary to prescribe medicines is highly questionable – particularly for medicines that don’t have adverse side effects.

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