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The mad man Gadaffi bombs his own people. My prayers are with the Libyans.

One more criminal dictatorial regime seems likely to come down soon: Libya (see this news about how the Australian Libyan embassy has disowned Gadaffi). This criminal monster is bombing his own people with airplanes.

The greatest enemy of mankind is GOVERNMENT. Unless we FULLY CONTROL our government, our life and liberty is never safe. Even democracies are not safe unless citizens remain vigilant.

I'm reminded at this point of my two previous blog posts:

a) People are rising. Freedom approaches, 2 February 2011

b) A bold prediction about the future of the world 10 years from now, 14 October 2010

Despite being an agnostic, I do pray sometimes – into the void. I don't know if prayers work, but I reckon prayers are harmless, and –  who knows! – some good might even come of them. Today my prayers are with the people of Libya – and with the oppressed people worldwide – INCLUDING Indians (e.g. see this).

(I must note that a large number of other things are probably worth praying for, such as the people affected by the NZ earthquake today, but let me remain focused on human liberty on this blog).

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