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Yes there is corruption in India. But we are complicit in this crime

I posted the following comment today on  Atanu's blog (

"Dear Atanu

Agree. I’ve argued for MANY years that Manmohan Singh is a party to the corruption of the Congress party. And so is Rahul Gandhi, who has conveniently agreed to join the mafia that is the Congress. Sonia Gandhi’s case is the same (btw, I have no theoretical objection to an erstwhile foreign citizen becoming India’s PM. I think nationhood is not a hereditary or birth-based concept; it must be treated as part of the social contract: i.e. a matter of choice).

I know your sympathies perhaps lie with BJP, but let me ALSO assert vigorously that Vajpayee, Sourie, and others considered honest are PRECISELY in the same boat as Manmohan Singh whom you so lavishly criticise. Trust me – BJP is NOT particularly less corrupt than Congress. Both are essentially a bunch of gangsters, misusing power to the hilt, willing to stooping to anything to gain power. A few hundred people dying due to their misguided communal statements doesn’t matter to either group, either.

More importantly, though, I believe that merely complaining against these ‘leaders’ is not enough. I rank ALL of these leaders, even the MOST CORRUPT of them, higher than everyone who sits by as a spectator, doing nothing. In other words I rank 99% of Indian educated people, including people like you (and me!) FAR LOWER than these corrupt people who lead India. I’m grateful that at least we have some people willing to run the country. What would happen if we left it to the 200 million “educated” clerks who populate India? IITians, IIMites and the lot – sucking up to the most corrupt but never willing to stand up as citizens. Not the least self-respect among the educated Indians, is there?

You know that I see the problem in black and white.

I argue simply this: If we the educated have not offered a systematic national alternative to the people, then we have NO BUSINESS and no right to complain. Let us shut up and go home. Or accept that these blogs are just there for us to pat our egos.

After three failures, the fourth political attempt that I’m working on, as you are aware, is the Freedom Team of India ( Unfortunately, the Indian educated citizen is such a hopeless and useless creature that he/she’d rather be a subservient clerk to the most corrupt leader he/she can find, than to step aside as a citizen and form an opposition. Despite so many bright people in India so few have so far come forward to join FTI and stand up and be counted as leaders of the India of tomorrow. What can be done about India? Definitely nothing so long as we have 1 billion sheep.

Through this comment I am throwing a firm and serious challenge to EVERY educated Indian. If you **really** think this country is yours, and you are not born a slave to serve the corrupt ‘leaders’ of India, then rise! Join the Freedom Team or become a Freedom Partner.

The battlelines have been drawn. Either you join the White force, or you’ll be deemed to be part of the Black force. I’m sorry, guys, but in this battle there is no grey. You’ll have to take sides. By doing nothing, you side with the Black.



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4 thoughts on “Yes there is corruption in India. But we are complicit in this crime
  1. rolly

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  2. Anonymous

    Keep it up Sanjeev, such a firy blog is a service in itself (and as you say, and I completely agree, those of us who aren’t doing our part are partly responsible for where we are). My hope is, even if such efforts results in just a few individuals in India to rise up and begin participating in clean politics, there is perhaps hope for a positive change. Jai Prakash Narayan was in Chicago recently, and it is nice to know that he isn’t waiting any longer and doing his part to try to bring about positive change.

    Umesh T.

  3. Sanjeev

    Thanks Umesh. When you meet JP please ask him why does he insist on plying an individual boat? Is this his country alone? Does it not belong to others as well?

    I’ve spoken and explained to him that FTI is NOT a political party but a platform for outstanding leaders to come together and agree a common agenda, and do preparatory work before offering the voter a viable solution. Shantanu is also hoping to bring together a Hope Summit where Lok Satta and PPI, among others, will discuss and debate, along with FTI, and FTI will aim to show them that we need the synergies of everyone, and a LOT of preparation, not just the desire to rush in to form political parties. We must win else it doesn’t matter. is not sufficient to contest elections. And on that the Lok Satta future is dismal, given often gives the appearance of being a one-man show.

    Also, many aspects of Lok Satta’s agenda are fine but many aren’t. Unfortunately, by pre-empting such wider discussion and plying his own boat, JP sometimes comes out as a self-interested leader, unwilling to get out of his shell and encourage the best Indian leaders to emerge from their shells. FTI members who met him in Mumbai last year were not at all enthused. He doesn’t seem to want to find and encourage good people.

    FTI members will refuse to enter politics unless the homework is done and the country is desperate for change. FTI will prepare but then the country must demand.

    Lok Satta is making an offer, but the people have politely declined. Some FTI members supported Lok Satta financially in 2009, but I doubt if that will continue in the future unless Lok Satta leaders are willing to broaden and reach out to others. The people want a national alternative with outstanding leaders, else they’ll continue to vote for the local corrupt gangster.

    Let JP do Lok Satta while he also comes together for the major national effort that FTI is aiming for. In this national effort my aim is that people like me (and possibly him) will become second or third rung leaders, as the best leaders of India are found and encouraged to step forward. Only the best should be in politics. India deserves to have its best people lead it. We must build the concept first, and then the people will find a way. Already FTI has attracted truly outstanding talent. I look forward to the day when FTI leaders will blossom and take the lead in rousing India from its deep slumber.


  4. Milind Kotwal

    Dear Sanjeev,

    Dynamics of corruption has to be understood to eradicate it. Corruptions exists in different forms and at different levels. Corruption
    as we refer to it can be eliminated totally but “Corruption in its absolute form can not be eradicated”

    It is not easy to understand complete dynamics of corruption. You shall find many corrupt politicians of today were against corruption before few years. Even today they will talk on eradication of corruption from public life, however nobody knows for sure how to do it.

    Corruption needs to be understood in light of:
    a. System dynamics – Constitutional arrangements, reporting and
    auditing arrangements etc.
    b. People dynamics – Attitudes, fulfillment
    of genuine requirements, risk benefit ratio, peer pressures etc.
    c. Environment dynamics – Culture, socio-economic compulsions, etc.
    d. Work dynamics – Authority, responsibility, transparency, concerned entities, peer pressures, etc.
    e. Prevention Dynamics – Legal provision, legal system, past history etc.

    Corruption eradication is simply not possible with present political system and arrangements ( any student of management can prove this ).
    In India cost of governance and cost of corruption is killing our country. Also losses due to lost opportunities are unthinkable.

    Please note that a party of totally dedicated and competent persons, that was Indian National Congress at the time of independence, has been corrupted beyond recognition by the present political system. No party of today can match commitment and capabilities of INC leaders
    of early independence era. Also in the immediately post independence era everybody from the judiciary, administration, and general people were all fired with objective of building a great country. And still the INC
    gave rise to culture of corruption.

    Today everything is in mess, Administration is corrupt, judiciary is open for manipulation, media has become commercial, Legislature is
    incompetent, and people are demoralized or have little time and interest to pay attention to matter of nation building. Hence it is
    absolutely foolish to expect that change in ruling party can help to improve the situation.

    This is because every political party has to appease different sections of voters to gain & retain power and hence they can not take hard
    decisions necessary for development. This appeasement of voters and political manipulation to grab and retain power is proving to be very costly, it is ruining our country.

    I request you to start working for total change in political system, for building a great country. Elections and nothing buy MUCK and you need to get into it win elections.. Once you get into it you start liking it..


    Milind Kotwal

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