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An impersonator on The Economist online website

Someone has been impersonating me on The Economist website for quite a while. I found this out relatively recently and took it up with The Economist . The latest situation is noted below for the public record. 

Please be ware that if you find comments by one 'Sanjiv Sabhlok' (a FAKE person) on The Economist website purporting are NOT from me! This impersonator has been giving out my home page as his own, and pretends to live in Melbourne! He is undertaking a deliberate and malicious program to malign my reputation. That is intolerable.

I've asked The Economist to take appropriate action including report this to the British Police. Should the magazine not resolve this matter soon enough I'll need to consider other options including reporting this to the relevant authorities in UK and Australia. I believe that The Economist is obliged to prevent mischievous misrepresentation. I am waiting for a proper resolution of this matter. It is not enough, in my view, to simply amend the 'pen name' (deliberate misrepresentation with clear intent to misled the public/ harm me can't be lightly treated). I expect this to be reported to the Police.

Examples of the impersonation (click for larger image)


—– Original Message —-

> From: Comments Moderator <>

> To: Sanjeev Sabhlok <>

> Sent: Wed, 2 February, 2011 9:59:22 PM

> Subject: Re: sanjeevsabhlok's comment to The Economist online

> Dear Sir,

> Please be advised that this comment, and all other comments in  which this user 

>links to your site, have been removed from

> We are in contact with the individual concerned. If this  user wishes to 

>continue to comment appropriately on we will most  likely amend 

>their chosen pen name. Alternatively the account may still be  suspended in its 


> Yours Sincerely,

> Comments  Moderator

> >>> Sanjeev Sabhlok <> 29/01/2011 10:39  >>>

> Dear Moderator

> I just came across yet another comment  (since I've set up google alert), and 

> this person who is impersonating me is  continuing his comments pretending to 

>be  me. Indeed, I notice the following  comment: "Do you have the copyright to the 

> name sajiv sabhlok. Its SANJIV,  not Sanjeev…:), I dont think so. Even 2 – 

>2000  people can have the same  name. Keep dreaming. And your website is in public 

> domain and I can link it  wherever I want to. "

> I'm afraid NO ONE has any right to link to MY home  page and claim that it is 

> them (which is what this fraudulent impersonator  has done in the past). They 

>are  welcome to link to my website but not to  claim ownership. Also it is 

> inappropriate to use a name similar to mine  UNLESS that is their actual name. 

> Can you please ask this person to prove  his actual name.

> I trust you are taking urgent action against this  fraudulent impersonator! I'm  getting a bit concerned now at the severe  misundersatnding that The Economist is  assisting in spreading about me – the  sooner this is fixed the better. I'm not > happy at all with what is going  on.

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A list of internet material not posted by me

This blog post contains things I chance upon on the internet that purport to have been written by me but are not. Also, my warnings and actions taken against impersonators, from time to time. 

1) Blatant impersonation on The Economist website

See this (latest).

Someone is impersonating me on The Economist's website, e.g: and (more problematically):

This is identity theft with likely criminal intent to harm my reputation. I've reported to The Economist both times. No action so far. This identity thief is using a name similar to mine ("Sanjiv Sabhlok" – note the spelling error) but gives  MY ACTUAL home page as his home page! THAT'S SHEER FRAUD. To this identity thief let me say only this: "I WARN YOU THAT YOUR ACTIONS ARE 100% CRIMINAL. DESIST AT ONCE."

From now on (21 January 2011) I've set up a Google alert to let me know if such fraud occurs again.

2) Impersonation/ possible namesake on The Indian Express website

FM MUST BE KIDDING By: sanjeev sabhlok | 07-Aug-2009 Reply |Forward The two day strike of bankers has been successfully concluded today ? FM is expected to be more aware than this. Let us advise him that if the demands of striking bankers are not met, there will be indefinite strike very soon for which FM will be fully responsible. The IBA has gone back from its earlier offer only due to FM's instructions. Please do not misguide the Parliament and the people of India. Give the bankers what they rightly deserve.

NOTEMy warning against impersonators does not apply if your name is GENUINELY the same as mine: (I didn't realise that there was another Sanjeev Sabhlok in the world [Addendum June 2010: There is actually another Sanjeev Sabhlok – I found him on Facebook I think]

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