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A list of internet material not posted by me

This blog post contains things I chance upon on the internet that purport to have been written by me but are not. Also, my warnings and actions taken against impersonators, from time to time. 

1) Blatant impersonation on The Economist website

See this (latest).

Someone is impersonating me on The Economist's website, e.g: and (more problematically):

This is identity theft with likely criminal intent to harm my reputation. I've reported to The Economist both times. No action so far. This identity thief is using a name similar to mine ("Sanjiv Sabhlok" – note the spelling error) but gives  MY ACTUAL home page as his home page! THAT'S SHEER FRAUD. To this identity thief let me say only this: "I WARN YOU THAT YOUR ACTIONS ARE 100% CRIMINAL. DESIST AT ONCE."

From now on (21 January 2011) I've set up a Google alert to let me know if such fraud occurs again.

2) Impersonation/ possible namesake on The Indian Express website

FM MUST BE KIDDING By: sanjeev sabhlok | 07-Aug-2009 Reply |Forward The two day strike of bankers has been successfully concluded today ? FM is expected to be more aware than this. Let us advise him that if the demands of striking bankers are not met, there will be indefinite strike very soon for which FM will be fully responsible. The IBA has gone back from its earlier offer only due to FM's instructions. Please do not misguide the Parliament and the people of India. Give the bankers what they rightly deserve.

NOTEMy warning against impersonators does not apply if your name is GENUINELY the same as mine: (I didn't realise that there was another Sanjeev Sabhlok in the world [Addendum June 2010: There is actually another Sanjeev Sabhlok – I found him on Facebook I think]

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