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The complete mental incapacity of those who defend a ban on cow slaughter

I put out a tweet a few days ago:


As expected, a lot of people seem to oppose it. But also as expected, and very sadly, there is NO LOGIC to their “arguments”.

Time permitting, I’ll consolidate these fake “arguments” on this blog.


Analysis of the arguments of those who want a ban on cow slaughter

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Letter dated 26 May 1762 from Mahomed Ali, Collector of Dacca to the English Governor at Calcutta

I’m extracting this from Vol 1 of Romesh Dutt’s 1902 The Economic History of India Under Early British Rule . 

This book is also available here.

This letter precedes Dutt’s discussion of weavers, and is pertinent evidence, to set the scene regarding unathourised oppressions by some British merchants and officers.


In the first place, a number of merchants have made interest with the people of the factory, hoist English colours on their boats, and carry away their goods under the pretence of their being English property, by which means the Shah-bunder and other customs are greatly determined.

Secondly, the Gomastahs of Luckypoor and Dacca factories oblige the merchants, &c., to take tobacco, cotton, iron, and sundry other things, at a price exceeding that of the bazaar, and then extort the money from them by force; besides which they take diet money for the peons, and make them pay a fine for breaking their agreement. By these proceedings the Aurungs and other places are ruined.

Thirdly, the Gomastahs of Luckypoor factory have taken the Talookdars’ talooks [the farmers’ farms] from the Tahsildar by force for their own use, and will not pay the rent. At the instigation of some people, they, on a matter of complaint, send Europeans and Sepoys, with a Dustuck, into the country, and there create disturbances. They station chowkeys [toll­ houses] at different places, and whatever they find in poor people’s houses they cause to be sold, and take the money.

By these disturbances the country is ruined, and the Reiats cannot stay in their own houses, nor pay the malguzaree [rents]. In many places Mr. Chevaier has, by force, established new markets and new factories, and has made false Sepoys on his own part, and they seize whom they want and fine them. By his forcible proceedings many hants, gauts, and perganas [markets, landing-places, and fiscal divisions] have been ruined.

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Cotton weaving industry of Nadia 1773 to 1977 – a case study of Santipur and Phulia by Debashre Mukherjee

I’m investigating the authenticity of the thumb cutting story of Dacca weavers.

This 2011 dissertation is a relatively recent academically rigorous source on this matter, so I’ve compiled it into one document and uploaded on my server, here (PDF).

The key paragraph from this dissertation reads as follows:

“The torture were incredibly cruel. The poor weavers were cheated in all respects. They were bound to deliver predetermined quantity of clothes in time at the prices determined by the company (at 15 to 40 rupees lesser than the actual cost). If someone would secretly sell the clothes outside at justified prices then he would be severely penalized. His loom thread, clothes would be severed. For first-rate weavers the penalty would be even worse, their thumb would be cut off and made incapable of weaving or any related work for the
rest of the life.”

The dissertation cites TWO sources for this quotation:

Bolts, William – Consideration of Indian Affairs
Roy, Provash – East India Company Santipure Kaporer Kuthi (Article)

Now, this is quite inappropriate. Bad research. No one should cite TWO sources for a particular text.

The Bolts book is definitely the older one, hence worthy of further review. In the next post, I’ll extract relevant sections from the Bolts text.

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Finally, a SELF RESPECT MOVEMENT – by the Devendra Kula Vellalar group in Tamil Nadu

Came across this today. This is really a positive step, that the “Dalits” (I disagree with this word) are waking up to demand SELF-RESPECT.

I encourage these people to abandon all religion itself. Religion is a truly anti-humanity, harmful creation.

See: Dalit group from Tamil Nadu stuns the nation, demand the withdrawal of their SC / ST status | Devendra Kula Vellalar community in Tamil Nadu seeks exclusion from Scheduled Caste category |

Obviously Swarna Bharat Party supports this demand. We are in favour of equality of opportunity.

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