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The combined – complete – works of M K Gandhi in a single PDF file (100+ MB)

I’ve been meaning to combine all 98 volumes of Gandhi’s works into a single file, for ease of searching. I found time last week to do so. The file is over 102 MEGA bytes!

Download here (100 MB).

This file (slightly smaller in size) is presumably also available here, but it costs 20 Euros, and I thought it is best to have this VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION made available free of cost (apart from saving myself that little bit of money, for more useful purposes).

I also tried to convert into text and Word, but my Omnipage software crashes with this 100+ MB file. The alternative is to OCR each of these one by one and combine. This will take a massive amount of time, so it is project for another day.


I’ve finally given up on trying to convert and format the complete works of Gandhi into Word. However, I’ve found a process to convert the very large PDF document into text, and to have a super-fast text-editor to review the document.

Download here (100 MB)




Gandhi full text

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One thought on “The combined – complete – works of M K Gandhi in a single PDF file (100+ MB)
  1. Mahmood Sanglay

    Hi Sanjeev
    I’m writing from Cape Town, South Africa. Thanks for a great gesture by providing a single file of Gandhi’s complete works. It’s a great resource and of enormous help in my writing.

    As a matter of interest I am writing about Arundhati Roy’s latest book in which she has an extended introduction to BR Ambedkar’s work “Annihilation of Caste.”


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