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Corruption in the Indian press and media – some preliminary notes

I mentioned elsewhere that some members of the Indian press have become deeply corrupt and someone took offence!

I'm therefore compiling a few bits and pieces of information. Much more is known to me as 'hearsay', but this is published material.

a) Media greed during elections poses serious ethical questions (An Op-ed by S. Viswanathan in The Hindu, November 1, 2009) "In both States [Andhra and Maharashtra], influential sections of both the print and broadcast media sold their news space or news slots to electoral candidates or their parties, throwing to the wind all professional and ethical norms and probably violating the law as well."

b) The medium, message and the money by P. Sainath in The Hindu, October 26, 2009. "In the financial orgy that marked the Maharashtra elections, the media were never far behind the moneybags. Not all sections of the media were in this mode, but quite a few.


d) Indian Media & Corruption by Pras, Amnesty International UK Blogs, "The corruption in indian media runs deep. A leading newspaper in india refused to send reporters for a World Bank-supported program to train journalists on covering environment and sanitation issues, arguing that if the sanitation department wanted coverage, it ought to pay."

In doing so (particularly by interfering in the electoral process through the demand for money) the Indian press has ACTIVELY ENCOURAGED CORRUPTION among politicians in India. The press has also never asked for disclosure of funds of the political parties in India which put out huge advertisements costing crores of rupees.

They are thus at least corrupt as the temples (or churches, etc.) which receive money from the corrupt and give them special blessings/access to God.

Revised draft report prepared on April 01, 2010, for circulation among members of the Press Council of India: “Paid News": How corruption in the Indian media undermines democracy.

Trust in the Indian media goes down:

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