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Introduction to Steven Landsburg

For reasons I can't fathom I was not aware of the works of Steven Landsburg so far (including The Armchair Economist of which I vaguely recall seeing the title somewhere many years ago). Accidental browsing last week led to my buying his 2007 book, More Sex is Safer Sex which is an astoundingly well written and clear headed book. I'm half-way through this book at the moment, just as I'm half way through 15 odd half-open books that surround my bed. 

I checked out his work at Wikipedia (here). I am convinced he is one of the finest proponents of critical thinking around. I've just ordered the Armchair Economist and The Big Questions from the Book Depository and will have something to say about his books in the coming weeks.

But to start the ball rolling,  I'm posting a few links to his works. I encourage you to investigate his work (if you are not already familiar with his work). You'll end up being enlightened, or at least delighted. I guarantee that. 


Steven Landsburg's home page (with links to useful articles)

All  Steven Landsburg's articles on Slate, here  (sort by date if you wish)

Subscribe to his blog.


Finished Steven's book a couple of days ago. It lived up to expectations till the very end. It ended with a vigorous pitch for the use of cost-benefit analyses in policy making. Quite similar in that to Robert Frank's advocacy of cost-benefit analyses. Also an excellent section on obesity policy that I'll talk about separately. Despite a few policy differences between Steven Landsburg and Robert Frank, I think both of them provide valuable insights into micro-economic and social policy. I'll talk more about Steven Landsburg when I've gone through his other two books that I've ordered.

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