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A remarkable documentary that shows the power of freedom

While on the topic of movies and documentaries, I recently came across this one: Medici: The Godfathers of the Renaissance. This documentary is invaluable as an educational tool because it makes vivid the crucial importance of freedom in stoking and supporting human creativity.

Without the Medici there would have been no Renaissance (and not even the Reformation! – a product of Medici corruption!). 

In a world full of intrigue and politics – and religious persecution – the Medici managed to nurture the freedom which led to the burst of creativity we call the Renaissance. You'll be amazed at how many key figures of the Renaissance and Reformation are associated with the Medici.

I've found three of the entire episodes on Youtube (Episode 1 | Episode 2 Episode 3). The first one is embedded below. You'll have to link to the others. I think there is one more but I couldn't readily find it.


You can also see this here.

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The reality of India’s corruption – in a movie

Hindi movies often depict corruption quite powerfully – even though they have no clue about how to solve the problem. Here's a one minute snippet that I condensed from a longer piece found on youtube (it is from the movie, Lage Raho Munna Bhai). Worth listening. Expresses some of the angst I feel.

It won't be a bad idea for anyone who wishes to help – and who has expertise in such things – to extract such sections from various Hindi movie snippets on youtube. The combination of these snippets it likely to tell a very powerful story. 

Below is another extract from the same movie, focused on corruption:

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What FTI stands for – a new short video

Thanks to Bhuvan Singh, FTI member for producing this wonderful short video, below. The video asks basic questions: why did people fight for India's independence?

This is one of many others videos that Bhuvan Singh has produced (and is in the process of producing). Please share it with others. More importantly please join FTI or support it directly in some form or shape.

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Look within, not outside for the problem. The wonderful message of Shantanu Bhagwat.

I've got so much material to share with you, my dear blog friend, that even posting ten blog posts per day won't exhaust my message or my material! But I can barely mange 2 to 4 posts per day, being in a full time job, and trying to finish up my main book (DOF). 

Let me now talk about the internet. It is, I believe, OUR medium: the poor man's medium. With this medium you and I can DIRECTLY talk with each other, eliminating middlemen and 'editors'. We can share ideas and even arrive at agreements. About revolution. It has reduced distances so much that I am convinced it will be pivotal to the many revolutions for freedom that lie ahead.

I could not visit Shantanu's talk at the August event organised by FTI at IIT Delhi, but I can hear it! (I also have the full video of the talk with me  – but have not found the time yet to put it all together and upload on FTI's website).

Please listen to this wonderful short segment of Shantanu's talk. Just 6 minutes of your time, please.

But please don't just listen and stop. Think. Think about where the buck stops – with you or with me? Am I or Shantanu the only ones in the world available to solve India's problems, or is it YOU? Who is responsible in the final analysis? We. We must stand up, together, and count, as one force. The White Force. The force of light, against the force of darkness.

Join FTI. Become the leader you are!

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