Is this a joke? Rahul Gandhi honest?!


I was surprised beyond my WILDEST imagination when I came across this comment by Times of India (reported in The Age).

"An editorial about the Games crisis on the front page of Thursday's Times of India said: "The job on hand – enormous and important for the country's prestige – needs someone whose integrity is not questioned. It must also be a person with the authority to mobilise the best people for this Project Salvage. Someone like Rahul Gandhi.''"

Has Times of India also been bought?? BIG TIME!! Even the remotest semblance of integrity in the press in India lost?? What is this, a free press or a joke??? 

Mr Rahul Gandhi, as well all know, is heir to India's most corrupt dynasty. Some people – and I have plenty of material on this but won't go into details here – argue that the degeneration started in Nehru's time itself, but I'm inclined to lay the biggest share of blame on Indira Gandhi who was the GodMother of corruption in India. (see my image of her below painted when I was 16 ). But Nehru as the Godfather of socialism in India laid down the socialist policies that created corruption. The Congress specialises in  deliberately eliminating anyone with integrity. I recall how quickly I was kicked out as Director of Rural Development in Assam in 1991 by the TOTALLY CORRUPT Congress Chief Minster the moment I stood firm on not meeting his demands – and of my corrupt Rural Development Minister. 

Rahul Gandhi, as the real head of India's most organisation, is FULLY REPONSIBLE for the corruption in India. How can he save the Commonwealth Games???

He could have, had he wanted, followed the prescriptions in BFN, and work towards eliminating corruption. But he is FULLY COMPLICIT. How many crores of rupees of black money did he use during his elections in Amethi? And how much did he declare? How many (thousands of?) millions of dollars in black money is stashed way in his and his mother's Swiss accounts? Why does he NOT put in place policies that will destroy corruption – because he BENEFITS from them. Why does he not resign from Congress and start a new party if he is so honest? Why does he not renounce socialism? All too convenient for him to latch on to the monstrously corrupt Congress. 

My comments on Facebook: (a much more detailed comment on the same lines in Towards A Great India, March 2010)

I wrote the following on Facebook some time ago. Worth reproducing:

I don't know much about him [Rahul] except that he has chosen to represent the MOST CORRUPT organisation in independent India, an organisation that has destroyed the lives of millions, STOLEN thousands of crores of public money, and in generally, been one of the most anti-India outfits one can think of (along with other major political parties).

Rahul might have been born pure and innocent (as a baby) but through his actions he has lost the right to represent me or people like me. He is the head of a criminal outfit today, hence if at all I'm interested in him it would be to bring him and people like him to book. 

In general I'm not interested in a particular cockroach out of thousands of cockroaches in Congress (I). I'm interested in destroying the entire cockroach nest. 

To destroy this cockroach nest, I am interested in finding citizen-who respect themselves and are willing to fight corrupt organisations like the Congress. If you are true leader, I'm more interested in you and would like you to join FTI to fight the criminals who rule India. Please rise and become a genuine citizen. That is a great challenge for Indian educated middle classes.


Please note that corruption STARTS AT THE TOP. That has always been the case. It starts by people spending CRORES OF BLACK MONEY DURING ELECTIONS. Where did this money come from? From LOOTING INDIA. Who loots India? People like Rahul Gandhi? From where? From the exchequer, from giving illegal favours to industrialists, from defence 'deals', etc. etc. etc. 

Who has led this loot since independence? 

– The Congress, but also most other parties in India.

In general, I'm not interested in discussing specific politicians. We need to find GENUINELY GOOD CITIZENS IN INDIA (if such people exist) and motivate them to contest elections under a common banner to fight the criminals who rule India.


Please try to understand our corrupt electoral system (there is a chapter on that in my book). It is time for people to get involved in their own country and find out how it functions. 

Only then they can rise and oppose bad leadership.


My painting of Indira Gandhi when I was 16 (1975)