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Fake Hindus are flooding the internet with their nonsense

On Twitter someone has just told me that Narendra Modi banned Great Soul; Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India because he is a "conservative" (apparently conserving something good in Hinduism, of which is a fanatic votary). Another person on Twitter, masquerading as a "Hindu" said that I'm a "CORNFLAKE VARIETY LIBERAL" because I talk about freedom. Funny. 

This self-styled "Hindu" told me that: "Talking n worrying about freedom is elitist only wory. There r othr imp things 2 wory about" and that "Its about priorty of d 'worries'. Worying about fredom n geting paranoid about it isnt that imp 4 comon man".

So I gather two things, that:

a) Hindus must be taught to HATE the truth, since they can't bear to have someone write about the truth as they see it (in this case, someone's view about Gandhi). Hindus are therefore presumably taught to grow up not into men but into cowards and run from a mere piece of paper (book) just because some of it might be true (or might not be). Only cowards hide from the truth. So Hindus are clearly cowards.

b) Hindus must HATE freedom. It would appear that freedom doesn't bother Hindus who are more bothered about petty things like food, gluttony, and corruption. 

Now, clearly this is nonsense. And that is why I know that these internet Hindus (and our political parties who purport to promote Hinduism) are pseudo Hindus cowards who will wilt when asked five questions about Hinduism. Bogus Hindus, a total joke

Let's get VERY clear about this. Hinduism, as it was designed thousands of years ago, is the greatest philosophy of free thought ever invented in history.

a) Hinduism LIVES FOR THE TRUTH. Satyameva Jayate, it proclaims: the truth always wins. Hinduism DOES NOT HIDE like a coward from the truth.

b) Hinduism LIVES FOR FREEDOM. As Vivekananda said, " ‘Liberty in thought and action is the only condition of life, growth and well-being: Where it does not exist, the man, the race, and the nation must go down.’ Freedom comes above food, gluttony and corruption.

These fake "conservative Hindus" and "internet Hindus" are TOTALLY IGNORANT ABOUT HINDUISM.

They are "conserving" IMAGINED NONSENSE. Shame.

And so, what does the true Hindu do?

The true Hindu does three things (that I strictly follow – regardless of my religious affiliation, which is agnostic):

1) He strives for the truth.

2) He strives for freedom.

3) He does what he sees is the right thing and CARES NOT for the consequences. The right action is seen as its own reward. Nishkama karma.

If that is what Hinduism is – these three things that I've enumerated – then I'm a TRUE Hindu and all these others – RSS/ Modi/ BJP/ Adavani/ "InternetHindus" and many others of their ilk – are TOTALLY FAKE HINDUS.

I challenge these fake Hindus to prove to me that Hinduism requires banning any book. 

Stop hiding from the truth, FOOLS!! Stop cowering like cowards from a mere piece of paper. Gandhi could himself have stomached this silly book. What's the big deal? You afraid? You are a COWARD? Mr. Modi? Mr."InternetHindus"?

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Narendra Modi loses all credibility

Through his action of banning the book, Great Soul; Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India, by Joseph Lelyveld, Narendra Modi is now exposed as a fundamentalist, on the lines of the socialists who have governed India and ruined it totally for 60 years.

Shame on this man who aspires to lead India one day. He is one with the socialists in their delusion that their role is to CONTROL the people. 

Gandhi wanted freedom: to get freedom, not crazy control freaks like Modi. 

Modi, you don't know what Gandhi stood for. Please step down and go home. No one needs you to tell Indians what to read and what not to read. YOU ARE NOT GOD. 

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The foolish glorification of Narendra Modi

I've been extremely critical of all Indian political leaders we have today, whether they are our Prime Minsters (MMS) or Prime-Ministers in waiting (Rahul Gandhi) or instigator-in-chiefs of communal hatred (Advani).

What saddens me is the extremely low ethical standard displayed by most middle-class Indians (even some of those who claim to be lovers of liberty!) who are quick to glorify corrupt and incompetent people without any harsh questions being asked. Truly abysmal moral expectations we seem to have!

Consider the new-found tendency to glorify Narendra Modi. 

It appears that Indians have indeed got the governments they deserve (and want!). If their standards are so low that even Narendra Modi now appears great to them, then that's what they'll get! A country never gets better than what it deserves.

Let me ignore Modi's deep communal hatred and his role in the Godhra riots. Such things are, in the end, relatively minor matters. The harm caused by Indian politicians through such direct killings is relatively small. The greatest harm they have caused (thousands of times greater) is through their incompetence and mindless corruption, thus reducing people's longevity, killing off children through high infant and child mortality, having the worlds' highest road accident death rate, and blocking off our people's potential.

Mukul Asher (whom I otherwise have a high regard for) wrote this article about Modi.

I find this a grossly unsatisfactory approach to the evaluation of Modi's performance.

True, for many decades now, Gujarat has been relatively better managed than most sates in India, and true, Modi appears to be a relatively good administrator and has introduced relatively better policies. But Gujarat, in my view, scores merely 2 out of 10 on the good goveranance scale, while other states of India get 1 out of 10 or 1.25.

So what, in my view, is wrong with Modi? Well, everything! What is good about him? 

In BFN I showed clearly the pathway to good governance in India. The current systems of school education, health, infrastructure and local governments in Gujarat simply can't deliver world class governance. Modi even continues with tenured services like the IAS which are totally incompatible with good governance. Poverty therefore continues in Gujarat, but also HUGE amounts of corruption. How much black money does Modi personally make use of during elections? Does he comply with electoral funding laws? Can he comply with these laws and win? Please conduct a genuine survey and show me that corruption and poverty has been eliminated in Gujarat. These are the BASIC requirements of governance.

Clearly Gujarat doesn't even come CLOSE to a score of 10. 

The only way for Gujarat to get  close to 10 is for Indian liberals to step into politics and radically transform the nation. We need a dramatic change in governance. 

If Indians REALLY want to achieve world-beating standards of governance, then they will have to REJECT all sub-standard leaders and rise to lead personally.

I have deep self-respect and don't accept third rate standards of ethics and competence from anyone. So I only offer first rate stuff through FTI and my writings.

If Indians don't want world-class ethics and governance, and if Rahul Gandhis and Narendra Modis are good enough for them, so be it. People ALWAYS get what they deserve. As for me, I do have MUCH HIGHER standards and will have to decline to go anywhere near our major political parties.

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