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BJP is 100 per cent corrupt. Please don’t pull wool over our eyes, Advani

One corrupt leader after another pretends that corruption doesn't exist.

Taking the example of Gujarat, Advani also said that there would be no corruption if the senior leadership was clean and effective. 

"Practically speaking, Gujarat does not have any Lokpal bill. But there is no corruption there. Because if the senior leadership is upright and clean, there will be no corruption," he said. [Source]

The reality is that Gujarat government PROMISED to have a Lokayukta in 2008 to the High court, but has REFUSED to have one because its Ministers who are deeply involved in land and other scandals will go behind the bars.

Not ONE step has been taken by any political party to reduce corruption over the past 60 years. 

And now they act as if they were saints!

Very cute!



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Inconvenient truth: “corruption has crossed its limits in Gujarat”

Thanks to a FB friend for sharing this very important article.

I have always claimed that it is IMPOSSIBLE for Narendra Modi to be running an honest government under the current system.

He might be personally "not corrupt" but that is as pointless as saying that MMS is not personally corrupt. It doesn't matter if you are "honest" but you SUPPORT the corruption around you, and (in a position as senior as Prime Minister or Chief Minister) do not set up systems to punish the corrupt. (In Modi's case the problem is also the likely implication in the murder of hundreds of people.) 

And guess what?

Here is what appears at first sight to be INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF about corruption under Narendra Modi. (If this article is a fake or this person is lying, then these facts might not be true. But there is no reason that a father, whose son has been KILLED, should lie.)

Narendra Modi refuses to appoint a Lokayukta

"There already is a law in Gujarat but the state government is deliberately not appointing a lokayukta. When my son filed the PIL, the state government assured Gujarat High Court  of appointing lokayukta “immediately” (in 2008)  It didn’t happen."

Why is Modi refusing to appoint a Lokayukta?

"Once lokayukta is in place, believe me, several ministers will be behind bars."

Typical examples of corruption in Modi's government

"Yesterday (August 18) there was a government function at Khambha in Amreli – Chalo Taluka Sarkar. It was followed by lunch for the villagers. Only 500 people ate at the function, but the government claimed that 120,000 people had lunch. Now officials will also claim that money was spent on this extravaganza! It is taxpayer’s money. "

"Corruption in Gujarat is different. Gujarat has traditionally been very progressive and rich. Right now corruption that exists in Gujarat is not only different from that in other states but dangerous. We are a border state. Still our government is sheltering and doling out land to industrialists who have been sent to jail for extortion or custom evasion.

"My son was fighting to stop illegal limestone quarries. He had openly named BJP MP Dinu Bogha Solanki. He had proof. Still what happened? My son was murdered. Haren Pandya deposed before a people’s tribunal about Narendra Modi’s complicity in the genocide, that he was responsible for the death of hundreds of innocent people in 2002 riots. What happened? Modi became number one and Harenbhai was killed. This is Gujarat.

It is sad that in Gandhi’s Gujarat we blindly support Anna but are ignoring corrupt and criminal politicians. These politicians in partnership with select industrialists are plundering the state. The government allots land to industrial houses at throwaway prices. Look at Adani and his growth story. Adani Industries is the biggest beneficiary of our state government’s generosity. What is happening in the name of land acquisition? The Modi government is misusing the Land Acquisition Act."

BJP pretends to support Anna's Lokpal but REFUSES to appoint Lokayukta in Gujarat

"BJP which is ruling Gujarat is supporting Anna. It is good to have a lokpal in Delhi and to support Anna, but please support me also. If you are truly for justice and want to fight against corruption, BJP should support me in getting a lokayukta appointed in Gujarat."

What happens if you fight against corruption in Modi's government? You are MURDERED

"I will be murdered. Isn’t that what happens in Gujarat when you fight for justice? What happened to Haren Pandya? It was a political murder. What happened to my son? Specially after this petition, my life is in danger."

And so, this, my friends, is the true Narendra Modi:

मेरा नाम है नरेन्द्र मोदी

मेरे मुहं में राम, मेरे बगल में छुरी
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India can become twice as rich by following Gujarat’s economic policies

India will become at least 10 times richer if it follows the policies of liberty promoted by FTI.

However, it can become twice as rich by following Gujarat's systems. (See this) That is because Gujarat is SLIGHTLY more free than the rest of India and Modi doesn't fully hate the free market.

As a result, "Gujarat accounts for 5% of India's population but 16% of its industrial output and 22% of its exports."

Unfortunately, as I've pointed out repeatedly, Gujarat's governance is still in shambles compared to world-best governance, and needs fundamental reforms. Modi is totally contaminated and that precludes the possibility of his becoming  a national leader. As well – he doesn't know about nor articulate any understanding of the radical reforms to economic and education policies that are needed. So he can't take Gujarat to its potential, leave alone India.

Kamal Sharma, FTI member from Gujarat is among those who are far better placed to lead Gujarat – to TEN TIMES more wealth.

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Public dossier on Narendra Modi. Is he guilty of mass murder or not?

Further update

14 September 2013: A retired Supreme Court judge disagreed with SIT's findings [P.B. Satwant]

14 September 2013:

Now this video (above) is not for children. But all voting adults in India should watch this. Given the evidence being presented by Sanjiv Bhatt to me, and these kinds of videos, I'm not sure India will do well to support Modi. Polices are one thing but murder is another.

He gave his party MLAs three days to do whatever they wanted. And he personally abused Jafri and refused to send timely help despite his being a former MP from Gujarat. What do you say to this Madhu Purnima Kishwar? I think it is facile to say that the courts have not convicted him so he is innocent. From what Sanjiv has been saying (and form the High Court order today to produce evidence that seems to have been deliberately destroyed), the legal system has been badly subverted.

24 August 2013: Modi PRAISED newspapers which inflamed the community through false reports.

"Mr. Desai cited one story in a mass-circulated Gujarat daily that claimed that a posse of Hajis were returning from the Gulf with arms and ammunition to Gujarat to “avenge” the post-Godhra incidents. “Nothing of this sort was attributed to anyone, neither did any such thing happen,” he said, and wondered why the Chief Minister would write a letter “selectively to those papers” that fanned such incendiary stories. The Editors Guild’s findings, he said, were completely ignored by the SIT. "


No regrets?

Karan Thapar: Why can't you say that you regret the killings that happened. Why can't you say may be the government should have done more to protect them? 

Narendra Modi: What I had to say I have said at that time and you can find out my statements. 

This is what he actually said in 2002 "The communal riots in Gujarat were unfortunate and we are sad they took place." and “Are we not supposed to soul-search ourselves? Whether it is Godhra incident or post-Godhra it does not enhance the prestige of any decent society. The riots are a stigma on humanity and do not help anyone to hold his head high." 

Aug 29, 2012: Narendra Modi rules out apology for 2002 Gujarat riots

Modi Apologised for the 2002 post-Godhra riots "apology to the people of Gujarat for what he called mistakes on his part"

Gurarat riots: SIT acting as an alibi for Modi govt?

Govt, SIT could destroy evidence: Sanjiv Bhatt

2002 riots: HC pulls up Modi govt for 'inaction'

Gujarat riots: Sanjiv Bhatt submits 'proof' of police inaction

Probe all 22 fake encounters between 2002 and 2006, SC tells Gujarat panel

Modi, Shah may be behind Pandya murder: Bhatt

Double blow to Modi govt in fake encounter cases

[Bhatt] had attended a meeting on February 27, 2002, in which Modi had told senior officers to allow Hindus to vent their anger at the Godhra carnage. [Source

Bhatt's life may be in danger:

A blog post by Atanu Dey (and my comment) re: my questions about Modi:

Systematic liquidation of witnesses by Narendra Modi?

Ishrat Jahan encounter fake, probe team tells Gujarat HC


Hang policemen who killed our daughter: Ishrat's kin


Modi case decision by the Supreme Court

In BJP, celebration time: Modi has passed test by fire, says Sushma

Charges against me are false: Modi

After the 2002 riots, Modi JUSTIFIED them. He suggested that this was “reaction to an action” echoing Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s comment invoking Newton’s third law in 2002 soon after the riots. [Source]


A few days ago I published this blog post: "If Narendra Modi has destroyed potentially incriminating records, then he MUST go – and now!" wherein I had suggested that I'm happy to build a public dossier on Modi to confirm whether he is indeed a criminal, or – if it turns out that he is indeed innocent – to allow the public to see for themselves the data that underpins his innocence. I had requested that people could send me all information they can find (any public report/article) about his involvement (otherwise) in the murder of hundreds of innocents.

Few responded with any substantive comment, but I think the issue needs further investigation, if for nothing else but to assure ourselves that this man is indeed innocent, as his followers claim.

Two comments received are worth noting, to begin the dossier:

1) Varun wrote:

Why is that u talk about muslims killed in the riots and not about hindus or that stupid Banerjee committee which declared the karsevaks killed themselves just to appease the muslims…Sir please wakeup.Modi called in the army and controlled riots.He resigned and won the confidence of the people again.The SIT report also claims Modi to be innocent.

2) Supratim replied:

The problem with Modi is that he failed in his fundamental duty to the people of Gujarat. The state's first function is to ensure the defence of people from external threats and internal goons. He failed this miserably, and not just for one or two days, but for 10-12 days, when goons ran amok in the state of Gujarat killing and maiming and raping and torturing innocent people.

Now, back to one of my earlier comments:

how could hundreds of innocent Muslims have been killed under his regime and driven out of their homes in the tens of thousands? I worked in the bureaucracy for a long time and know that such things are IMPOSSIBLE without direct political control. The local administration can undertake a few excesses, but widescale carnage whereby Hindu fanatics are allowed to run amuck under shelter provided by the police (as is alleged to have occurred in this case) can’t be done without direct political orders. That’s why Harsh Mander got agitated and spent time investigating this carnage. We teach how to control communal riots at the academy (e.g. see case studies at: Immediate stringent action is taught. Strong curfews and shoot at sight orders. The army must be called out immediately.
Such immediate stringent action would have significantly reduced the carnage. That it was allowed to run its “natural” course under the ‘protection’ of the police is a diabolical crime that can only come from shelter provided by the government.
Such things (verbal orders/ phone calls/ gestures) can’t be “proven” just like most corruption can’t be proven – being under the table, hidden. However, you and I know that criminals don’t leave traces of their crime. This inquiry which is dragging on for years might unearth such evidence, but there is in my mind no doubt that Modi is very likely to have been directly involved in the killings. However, it is one thing to have such suspicion and such questions, but another thing to prove them. 

I'm happy to be provided with evidence of the circumstances why Modi allowed riots to go on for many days. I admit I have not had the time to read all the new items and reports issued on this topic, so it will be useful to have a compilation on both sides (for and against) – as a layman, to learn more about this issue. Note that I'm not trying to judge anyone in public, but do admit to a strong suspicion of his direct involvement. It will be good if this suspicion can be put to rest with appropriate proof. 

Btw, does anyone know about the dossier that the Congress supposedly released? Where is it located? Also, is there any blog post that investigates and discusses both sides of the story?  – something you can recommend that I read?


Point out Modi's complicity in Godhra and get suspended:

Gujarat cop spills the bean on Narendra Modi's aide

Gujarat cop names Narendra Modi's aide in Prajapati 'fake' encounter case

Murder charges dropped against accused in Gujarat minister Haren Pandya killing

Narendra Modi and Justice Delivery on Gujarat 2002 (Offstumped)


Modi told me to give Rs 10 lakh to Bhatt: Ex-DGP – Sep 19 2011

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