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Why the Narendra Modi saga is not going to end as the BJP wants it to end

Do read this article and watch the video. Then also read the article linked below.

I'm unable to form a clear opinion either way, but things don't look good for Modi in the court of public opinion. Too many things are happening to witnesses (threats, disappearances), too many dots are not being joined, too many questions being left unanswered.

ArticleThe 2002 Gujarat Riots: Key Cases


Counter article: Tehelka lies


The reality is that it is VERY HARD (IMPOSSIBLE is the word) to believe that this man (Babu Bajrangi?) was not involved in at least some heinous way. 

In the court of public opinion, Modi remains a likely criminal. I am unable to give him a clean chit. I do hope I'm wrong and that Modi is making FERVENT effort to catch and punish criminals. But I await evidence that this is indeed happening.

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Is your Director General of Police also telling lies, Mr Modi?

I've been out of circulation for approximately two days, both for medical reasons (ongoing eye issues) and my home internet being throttled, the kids having consumed too many youtube videos (I too have started watching long youtube videos on economic maters, so I am partly to blame, too). 40 GB doesn't go far. Maybe I need to upgrade my internet connection.

Anyway, I was able to approve about 10 pending comments on this blog, which is good. In that process I came across Sameer's comment which pointed me to this:

I'm reproducing the entire material below for wider dissemination – and for my own convenience (I use this blog as a personal notebook which I then search through google).

When my internet connectivity is back I'll respond to comments received, and also link this particular blog post to the Narendra Modi public dossier.

Please note clearly that I'm still not saying that this is the truth about Modi, but surely there is now too much evidence pouring out from nooks and crannies about Modi's culpability.

I'd like to know what Offstumped and Atanu Dey think about this.

I have strong commonalities of views with both of them – except on this one issue – about Mr Modi. I keep asking them how they are so sure that Mr Modi is not a murderer. I can't exonerate Modi without first seeing some high quality, transparent court judgements. The following open letter provides a huge amount of circumstantial evidence for the courts to consider.

Open letter to Hon'ble Chief Minister, Gujarat State , Shri Narendra Modi

Respected Shri Narendra Modi Saheb,

On the eve of your three days fast for generation of goodwill (Sadbhavana) and amity among people, I deem it to be my duty to throw light on the impression about you and your govt., as I understand, among the victim survivors of 2002 protracted riots, and the govt. functionaries, who are agonized by your govt.s outrageous and unjust action, though they performed their legitimate duties statutorily assigned to them.

2. Our Upanishadic wisdom speaks about symmetry of thinking and action in a person – Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavanti – “A person be as his mind”. Looking to your govt.'s performance since 2002, it appears that there is conspicuous mismatch between your much publicized objectives of the fast, on the one side, and the bitter truths about ground situation, on the other. This does not mean that the Upnishadic dictum is wrong because in actuality your intrinsic mind is not for goodwill to all, but for a few only.

3. As the head of the State Govt., many feel that, you have visibly followed your hidden agenda of “malice to the upright and the honest govt. officers and charity to the sycophants and collaborators in your unholy designs”. Facts in support of this testimony are plenty. You have rewarded practically, all those govt. officers, who actively participated through their acts of commission and omission, in violation of their oath of allegiance to the Constitution of India, in the planning and execution of anti-minority genocide in 2002, after the most condemnable Godhra train burning incident. This genocide will remain an inerasable sinful blot on our country, particularly to the practitioners of Hinduism of Upanishad and Bhagvadgeeta.

4. Those, who got rewards for their alleged deviant services to you, include officers, who were given extension in service, good postings and post retirements lucrative assignments. They are persons like, (1) Shri G.Subbarao, (2) Shri Ashok Narayanan, (3) Dr. P.K.Mishra, (4) Shri P.K.Laheri, (5) Shri Sudhir Mankad, (6) Smt. Manjula Subramaniaman, (7) Shri K.C.Kapoor – all IAS officers and (8) Shri A.K.Bhargava, (9) Shri P.C.Pande, (10) Shri G.C.Raiger, (11) Shri M.K.Tandon, (12) Shri Deepak Swaroop, (13) Shri K.Nityanandam, (14) Shri A.K.Sharma, (15) Shr Shivanad Jha, (16) Shri Sudhir Sinha, (17) Shri D.G.Vanzara, (18) Shri S.S.Khandwawala, (19) Shri J.Mahapatra, (20) Shri O.P.Mathur, (21) Shri A.A.Saiyed, (22) Shri P.P.Pandey, (23) Shri Ashish Bhatia – all IPS officers, etc. Their specific alleged culpable role was graphically narrated in my VIth Affidavit to the Justice Nanavati Commission.

5. As you know among the govt. officials, who were victims of unwarranted punishments by your govt., myself lead the list. Ever since I presented facts about riots "falsifying" the State Govt. version to the Central Election Commission on 9.8.2002, I was issued with memos on trivial matters like Control Room Head Constable sending a secret message by fax to field officers, without my knowledge, by ACS (Home) Sh.Ashok Narayanan. Further the Govt. started an inquiry against me for writing to CP Ahmedabad Sh.K.R.Kaushik, about the alleged planting of weapons (fire arms) by DIG Sh.D.G.Vanzara, the then i/c of Ahmedabad City Crime Branch on a few Muslims of Dariapur on 2002 Rathyatra day. You may please note that this was the only adverse report about alleged illegal acts of Vanzara, in Gujarat Police records before his arrest for alleged fake encounter in April, 2007. Instead of probing into my information about Sh.Vanzara, the Chief Secretary started an inquiry against me, for punishing me even though the then DGP Sh.K.Chakravarthi reported that my act of reporting against Sh.Vanzara was part of my normal duties and so could not me treated as misconduct. Sir, had you checked Sh.Vanzara and monitored his work, accepting my report, he would not have indulged in alleged extra judicial killings of innocent people. Now these cases have brought bad name for your administration and Gujarat Police. This was an instance of saving a thief (chor) and punishing the policeman (kotwal), who pointed a finger at the thief.

6. Later, I was superseded on Feb 2005 and was served with a 9 point chargesheet (Sep 2005)- for dismissing me from service – for the alleged fault of telling truth before the judicial commission, in my three affidavits at that juncture. Thanks to the high standards of wisdom, fortitude and integrity of Indian Judiciary, the govt. was forced to order my promotion with retrospective effect and my charge sheet was also quashed by the judicial bodies.

7. Others, who have been facing the unwarranted wrath of your govt. for their good work include, (1) Sh.Rahul Sharma, (2) Sh.Vivek Srivastava, (3) Sh.Himanshu Bhatt, (4) Sh.M.D.Antani, (5) Sh.Satish Verma, (6) Sh.H.R.Gehlot, (7) Sh.P.C.Thakur, (8) Sh.Kuldeep Sharma and (9) Sh.A.K.Surolia – all IPS officers and Sh.J.S.Rana an IAS officer, who is even denied pension. (see the details of their punishment in my 6th affidavit)

8. A lesser known information of about the 2002 riots is about excellent performance of officers in charge of certain areas and their alleged ill-treatment by your govt. subsequently for their non collaboration in anti minority action and subversion of the Criminal Justice System, (CJS) against the riot victim survivors. The classic case was that of Sh.V.K.Gupta, the then CP Surat city, which had reported only seven deaths during the riots (from 27/2/2002 to 31/7/2002 ), unlike many rural areas like Anand, Dahod, Mehsana, S.K. districts, etc. He had to go on Central deputation being unhappy with the State Govt. Alleged harassment was given to police officers, who contained the riots effectively in Rajkot city, Bhavnagar , Jamnagar , Valsad, Surendranagar, Bharuch and Kachchh district.

9. Modi sir, if you are really keen to generate goodwill among the riot victims, their community and bureaucrats, who are aggrieved by atrocious acts on them by your govt. you may kindly initiate the following action, besides your fast for goodwill – Sadbhav Upavas yagna.

(A) Ask your police, who has concurrent jurisdiction, like SIT, to investigate and prosecute the planners and perpetrators of violence during riots, those accused of subversion of CJS and persons responsible for obstruction of witnesses in giving evidence to judicial bodies. Unfortunately, so far, even SIT had arrested only one Inspector for his culpable role in the riots, from the executive side. Can a few Inspectors organize such prolonged riots and arrange to delay and deny delivery of justice to the victims ?

(B) Kindly order unilateral withdrawal of all disciplinary proceeding and acts of victimization against officers like, Sh.Sanjiv Bhatt, Sh.Rahul Sharma, Sh.Rajnish Rai, Sh.Kuldeep Sharma, etc.

(C) Announce a genuine scheme of relief, reconciliation, rehabilitation and resettlement of thousands of riots victims, who are now living in sub human conditions in their ghettos.

If agreeable kindly announce the above decisions at the venue of your fast itself on the last day of the fast and perhaps one of the riot victims can offer you fruit juice for ending your token sacrifice of food for generation of goodwill among people.

10. I have the experience of working with six Chief Ministers of Gujarat and three of Kerala State , I have no hesitation to submit that you are a person with inexhaustible stamina, energy, skill and dexterity to pursue what you think to be dear to your heart. Kindly convert your fast as a yagna to exorcise from your mind the ideas of exclusivism, sectarianism and hatred of certain sections Indian citizens, indoctrinated by the Sangh Parivar. If this is done, in my humble view, as a senior citizen, you will be a shining asset to Indian politics.

"Best wishes and prayers on your Birthday"

Warm regards,

Yours sincerely,

( R.B.Sreekumar )

R.B.Sreekumar, IPS (Rtd.) is a Former DGP of Gujarat

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Systematic liquidation of witnesses by Narendra Modi?

What explains this, that a key witness to the 2002 riots could not be protected by the Gujarat government? Modi must explain what's going on.

Godhra riot witness, Nadeem Sayyed was reportedly attacked and killed by unidentified assailaints in Ahmedabad, reports said.

Sayyed, a Congress worker, was declared 'dead on arrival' by hospital authorities. 

Sayyed was a witness to the 2002 Godhra communal violence riots that ensued after the Sabarmati Express was attacked and burnt by a mob. [Source]

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One fears for an India under Narendra Modi: intimidating those who speak against him

Sanjiv Bhatt, the officer who filed an affidavit showing that Modi DELIBERATELY went slow in the 2002 riots, has been arrested because one of the two witnesses he cited has now been either intimidated or bought out by Modi.
Fortunately for Bhatt, it appears that another key witness has NOT changed his statement. But one worries for the security of that witness now (apart from the security of Bhatt). Expect Tarachand the driver to meet an "unanticipated" accident if he doesn't renege on his statement.
I fear for India should Narendra Modi ever get to the position of becoming PM. This is totally unacceptable. Here is a person who has risked his career to state the TRUTH about Modi (a well known truth, by the way), and now he has been arrested.
Syed said that Tarachand Yadav, one of the two key witnesses to the fact that Bhatt had attended the meeting called by Modi of February 27, 2002 — after Godhra train burning incident — had not changed his statement.

"Tarachand (driver) and Pant, both had accompanied Bhatt to the meeting. They both sat outside while Bhatt attended the meeting," he said.
"Tarachand has not changed his stand, but Pant has been cleverly picked up by the government and made to change his statement and file FIR against Bhatt," Syed claimed. [Source]


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