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Yes, certain forms of energy ALMOST CERTAINLY travel faster than the speed of light

On 3 June 2010 I asked: Why does energy “travel” in “circles” inside an atom? And later elaborated that matter is an energy trap

Basically I've suggested that there is a form of super-high frequency energy that that travels at speeds far greater than the speed of light, and this super-energy BENDS space so extensively (makes it "circular", so to speak) that it gains the properties of matter.

There is NO MATTER in this universe. Only energy. That is my basic point.

Today, it has been confirmed that

 An international team of scientists says it has recorded sub-atomic particles travelling faster than light – a finding that could overturn one of Albert Einstein's long-accepted fundamental laws of the universe. [Source]

This is the first serious evidence I've seen that my hypothesis is likely to be correct.

In my view these "sub-atomic particles" will be found, upon further analysis, to be composed of HIGH FREQUENCY AND HIGH SPEED ENERGY. It might be impossible to "break" into the final sub-atomic particle, though, for the energy required to break that particle will exceed anything that can be created by man.


Anyone has any thoughts on this? 


Think of this as breaking the light speed barrier, a phase change. At the initiation of the Big Bang the energy was so intense that its "force" must have radiated out at a range of speeds, including those greater than the speed of light. All energy – not necessarily a single photon; could be a small bundle of energy – that was so thrust at speeds greater than light "converted" into matter (sub-atomic). The stuff that remained at speeds equal to that of light became heat and light.

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The more science advances, the less we know

Now things are starting to get really interesting.

From a state of total confidence (even arrogance) in our "knowledge" about the universe (cf. religious scriptures and their cosmological theories of the universe) we are now entering the zone of great ignorance.

As man progresses, the LESS he knows, or rather, the more he knows about what he doesn't know.

First, we don't know what is "inside" matter – in particular how energy "lives" inside a small atomic 'ball' (as a quark, for instance) in a consistent "shape", with mass. I had speculated that severe bending of space might have occurred  as energy was propelled at speeds potentially faster than the current speed of light in the first few fractional instants of the Big Bang. Of course my knowledge of these things is very limited, having left off the study of physics after my BSc, and if major scientists haven't yet found the answer, I don't claim to have found it at all! The constitution of matter (and mass) remains a major puzzle. 

But second, we now have evidence that even if we understood the physics of all of 'visible' energy and matter, we'd only have understood about 4 per cent of the constituents of the universe. The rest of it comprises dark energy (74 per cent) and dark matter (22 per cent). Of these we know NOTHING.

The most basic PHYSICAL questions about the universe remain unresolved. What chance do metaphysical ones have of getting resolved?

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