Mamata Banerjee, I don’t belong to any ultra-Left backed organisations but WILL circulate the cartoon you dislike

A few weeks ago, to support freedom of speech, I published the allegedly heinous cartoon about  Mamata Banerjee on my blog – here; and challenged her to arrest me.

Being the ridiculously incompetent nitwit dictator that she is, she could not even do that (Or arrest the MILLIONS of others who shared/tweeted/blogged the said cartoon).

Now she is making another useless statement – that she will "show you Facebook".

I don't know what she means by this – whether: 

a) she will show us how to log into and use Facebook, or

b) she will show Facebook the cartoons about her, or

c) she will take Facebook to court and shut it down (!).

I suspect, the middling two penny dictator that she is, she imagines she is going to shut Facebook down.

Let her try. 

Go for it Mamata! Let's see what you will show us.

In the meanwhile, I'm delighted to ONCE AGAIN RE-PUBLISH the cartoon which has rankled her so much:

Clearly Mamata Banerjee is a MAJOR LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD.

Good on her for keeping us in amused.