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Glad to see corrupt scoundrels filling up India’s jails

A number of top Indian politicians are filling the jails now. That's really good news.

Sukhram will, at age 86, have the pleasure of having his entire life's reputation wiped out, and cooling his last few years of life in jail.

I have no sympathy for rascals like him.

If it were purely up to me, I'd like to see them hanged, but, of course, I respect the idea that there must be some proportionality of punishment to the crime.

These kinds of people should never have been allowed to enter politics in the first place. But, of course, Nehru's Congress Party ONLY ACCEPTS THE CORRUPT.

If you show any sign of honesty, you can't even come close to the Congress.

The situation has become so dire that 99 per cent of India's politicians today are TOTALLY CORRUPT (including those from BJP – don't imagine for a moment that BJP is honest!). These goons have no policy interests, only one interest: how to make money.

EVERYONE in Congress, in particular, is corrupt. From the top to the bottom. In other parties you might find one or two honest people even today.

For the Congress to try to dissociate itself from Sukhram is cute! 


Stuff yourself and your lies.

A gang of thugs you are, and EVERYONE IN THE WORLD knows it. 

I have had personal experience with one of your "respected" Chief Ministers who called me to his office and asked me (in the Cabinet room of Assam, in Dispur, when I was Director, Rural Development) to award a major cement contract to a private supplier whose bid in the public tender was not the lowest. I did not follow that goon's directions. I awarded the contract, instead, to the Cement Corporation of India, Bokajan, which had bid the lowest.

(Even had CCI's price not been the lowest, I would have had to, under the rules – which favoured public sector undertakings – been required to give it priority. I don't agree with socialist rules, but as a bureaucrat my job was to honestly follow all rules.)

I was transferred within days of awarding the contract in accordance with the rules and was dumped into a job which had less than 3 hours of work a day.

That RASCAL "Chief Minister" is long dead and gone, but 100,000s of similar RASCALS are found within the Congress party today.

Nehru's Congress has destroyed India. It has looted India in every possible way.


It is time for good people to come together and offer India BETTER POLICIES AND HONEST PEOPLE.

Join the Freedom Team of India, or expect the same mess to continue. 


Graft costing India 1.5% of GDP growth each year

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The police has been breached. Now only the army remains.

This is India today – an anarchy without any regard for rules of governance. The rules are now flouted not only by political leaders (all of whom flout the very rules they make) but by the police. Indeed, the police was breached long ago. Only the army remains intact.

First the politicians and police forces killed my batchmate. Now the Superintendent of Police ( traffic) Kalpana Saxena in Bareilly, UP, was "on Thursday dragged by her own subordinates in full public view … leaving her profusely bleeding because she had objected to extortion by three policemen in the name of routine traffic checking. … The  constables got in their police jeep, held [her] by [her] hand and started the vehicle. They dragged [her] for a kilometre". "Later, they pulled [her] on the road and even tried to run the jeep over [her]. But the passersby saved [her]."

This report about Kalpana Saxena's treatment by her own fellow policemen boiled my blood, but what can be done?

I GUARANTEE that the constables who have treated Kalpana Saxena thus will be out freely on the roads, continuing with their corruption, laughing their way to the local illicit bar, in the next two years. THE POLITICIANS WILL SCOLD THEM FOR STUPIDITY BUT WILL TAKE THE MONEY THESE CONSTABLES GIVE THEM. THE JUDGES WILL DO THE SAME. THE POLICEMEN WILL BE OUT, SCOT FREE, VERY SOON, WHEN THINGS QUIETEN DOWN IN THE MEDIA.

There is no justice, no law and order. Anarchy. The law of the jungle prevails.

And yet, our educated people will continue serving our corrupt politicians. They are clerks. There should be mass resignations from the civil services of India – protesting against the goonda raj created by our politicians; an exodus to a new political movement. The situation is intolerable, but our educated classes were brought up to be sheep. Sheep only bleat. 

Instead of thousands of leaders joining FTI and rushing in to reform India's governance, we have had a very few applicants over the past couple of years. Without India's best leaders assembling together and agreeing to a clear action plan, nothing will succeed. This monster created by Nehru, this socialist beast, will ride roughshod over India and crush its people.

It is not one leader but a thousand leaders who are needed today. I suggest that all liberal leaders hurry up and join FTI. That should theoretically not be hard, for FTI is not a political party and so members can join both FTI and a political party of their choice (not Congress/BJP/main corrupt parties). Sadly, there are too many outfits today that have prematurely entered politics with no hope of making any change. They merely confuse the public that throws them in the bin. These include Lok Satta and Jago. 

No reform can be initiated if people insist – as these parties do – that others must follow their policy agenda. Their leaders must have the patience to work together with others and agree on a common policy agenda for reform. And the design of a policy platform. And rules and processes. And only then form a party. 

The cart doesn't drive the horse. The horse drives the cart.

Join FTI if you want to save the Kalpana Saxenas of India from the monsters who rule India. Today there is no fear of honest officers in India because they can be crushed easily through political bribery.

You (and I) are responsible for this, each and every one of you who read this. We are responsible for letting things become so bad.

We must get up and change things. God is unlikely to drop down from heaven to do so. Never did in the first place. All a myth, nice story. You think Lord Krishna will come down and save India? Perish the thought.

The reality is that goons have taken charge of India today. Do you want to fight them or not? That's the only question.

Before India is ultimately (sooner or later) taken over by the army, give civilian rule a chance. Join FTI and give the polices of good governance a go.

कोई सुन रहा है?!

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Corruption in the Indian police

This blog post is intended to help me keep a tab on Police corruption in India. As is the case with other blog posts I've started on similar lines, I will use this as a dumping ground for raw data that I chance upon while browsing the internet.

This post is therefore is simply a data dump. No commentary at the moment (details on why corruption exists have been covered in my book BFN).

Police demand most bribes: Survey

My post re: corruption that killed my IPS batchmate: here.

My other posts on similar lines, on corruption in politics, judiciary, etc.

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My batchmate killed by corruption. You could be next.

As if the shock of of hearing about the mass killings by terrorists on 26/11/08 was not bad enough, my batchmate Hemanta Karkare (1982, IPS), the chief of the Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad, was shot dead by the terrorists that day. It was extremely disheartening to read some idle commentary in the media, suggesting that Hemanta's bravery was misplaced and that he risked his life unnecessarily. The 1982 batch of Indian civil services was not convinced by these useless comments and saluted his bravery. [Apologies to those who saw an earlier version of this blog post; I had accidentally called Hemanta, "Harsh" in a couple of places.]

Now the truth has been exposed. See this article: Lies, betrayal and denial in Bombay by Vir Sanghvi (Hindustan Times) 3 July 2010. It is clear that Harsh was KILLED BECAUSE OF CORRUPTION IN HIGH PLACES AND BETRAYAL BY THE POLICE. Harsh is now  redeemed as the brave warrior he was. And India must hang its head in shame for having let louts and gangsters govern it.


It has now been established "that the [bullet proof] jacket [that he wore] was clearly sub-standard and had been rejected by the police after tests showed that it offered no protection against AK-47s or 9 mm carbines. Despite this test, top cops okayed the purchase anyway. Obviously, somebody took a kickback — and killed Hemant Karkare.

"Further, Headlines Today has also accessed Karkare’s autopsy report. This shows that he was shot in the shoulder and chest — precisely those areas that the jacket was supposed to cover. So, a good quality jacket could have saved his life."



And nothing condones the behaviour of the police in not sending the reinforcements he asked for. "Karkare asked for reinforcements to be sent to Cama Hospital where Kasab and his partner Ismail were operating. Though the control room is at the police headquarters, around two minutes from the hospital, no forces were despatched for half an hour. As a consequence, Kasab and Ismail simply strolled out of the hospital unchallenged and headed for Rang Bhavan Lane. They were spotted there by policemen but the control room neglected to inform Karkare.

"Karkare believed that Kasab and Ismail were being tackled by policemen at Cama Hospital when his car drove into Rang Bhavan Lane. He had no idea that he was driving into an ambush."


Don't be deluded that corruption doesn't matter, or that you are safe. India's well heeled elites who mingle SHAMELESSLY with Congress and BJP parties (among other corrupt outfits) have totally lost their moral sense. They, and those Indian citizens who ignore corruption will be next in line. Corruption and misgovernance doesn't spare anyone.

India's security is riddled with holes. India has not only become a very weak state, it is completely hollowed from within, like a wooden building hollowed out by termites. When major security challenges arise (if, God forbid, when a major confrontation occurs with China) this structure could well collapse into smithereens. 

But forget the rest of the Indians. The buck stops with you, with each of us. If you are serious about living in a safe and free India, with integrity in public life, then join the Freedom Team. Become a Freedom Partner. Join the fight of the white force against the black. 

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