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Baba Ramdev now shows his true colours – a subversive, violent anarchist

“Baba Ramdev declared on Wednesday that he would be forming a ‘sena,’ or army, of 11,000 young men and women — trained in the use of “scripture and weapons” — to counter any future attempt by the police to disrupt his movement.” [Source]

I’m afraid this coward, who could not face simple arrest by the Police (he wasn’t even being arrested, merely deported from Delhi) without hiding behind women, is now showing his true colours as a medieval anarchist.

I have always compared him with Maximilien Robespierre. But he is likely to prove much worse.

Cowards ALWAYS take resort to violence.

This man, who did not have the simple courage to get arrested and work through the legal system of India to prove his points – has now taken resort to VIOLENCE in the guise of self-defence. Basically he is threatening the Indian state with VIOLENCE should it try to implement its laws by arresting him.

For any Indian to claim that he needs 11,000 people as SELF-DEFENCE is absurd!! This plan hits out at the very roots of India as a free democratic nation.

When we create a nation we hand over our powers of defence to the nation. We give the government a monopoly in the use of force.

For someone to assemble 11,000 ARMED people in his self-defence is like creating a separate nation.

And what kind of elements will come to his “defence”? Lumpen elements from across the country.

Would Gandhi have EVER done such a thing. No! Never! He would have gone to prison (if needed) and asserted the superiority of his claims through media reporting of his court speeches.

These people (IAC) are using the tool that Gandhi used (fast unto death) without EVEN THE SLIGHTEST clue about what satyagraha means. At least now the IAC should banish this man from its list of leaders!

How can they claim to be following Gandhian methods when such a goon is found in their midst?

This man, instead of removing corruption from India, will bring India to a halt.

I therefore urge everyone to get off the Ramdev bandwagon at once. The signs are now clear. He is going to harm India FAR more than anyone has done so far.

If the government of India knows to govern, it will deal with this serious threat IMMEDIATELY.

Anarchy is the worst outcome for India. Let’s ensure law and order first.

It is shocking that BJP is supporting this kind of a man. It is becoming more and more clear that Ramdev is effectively an arm of the BJP. And the IAC too, is an arm of the BJP.

BJP was founded on violence (e.g.Babri Masjid), and has never hesitated to use violence when it suits it. I worry for India now. I’m not sure that MMS can rise to the challenge of governance India faces today.

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Is Baba Ramdev an arm of the BJP?

This info provided a little while ago on this blog by Supratim is important. 

"Ramdev’s proclamation of intent to float a separate political party last year had worried the RSS. According to sangh sources, the yoga guru had approached the RSS top echelons for support to the yet-to-be-formed party.

Sources said a small team of RSS seniors discussed the matter of a separate political party by Ramdev at the Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha, the highest body for policy formulation and decision-making, held at Puttur in Karnataka from March 11 to 13 this year.

There was a difference of opinion on the issue — one section of the RSS was of the view that the Sangh must support the new party when it is formed. The BJP, according to this argument, had fallen short of its role of political vehicle for the Sangh worldview and ideology. But the dominant view, that the Sangh would be better off repairing the outfit in hand rather than backing a new one, prevailed. This view emphasised the need for unity of Hindutva forces and the necessity of preventing a division in their shared support base.

The RSS message was delivered to Ramdev — that the Sangh would support his aandolan, but would be forced to withdraw the open support of its cadres if the yoga guru insisted on launching a separate political outfit. According to sources, it played a key role in Ramdev’s recent reticence on the political party issue that he had talked up with much fanfare only a year ago." [Source]

This explains why Ramdev has backtracked from his earlier widely proclaimed intention to launch a party (I always thought he had already done so), and why Ramdev has started wasting our time.

Had he stood on his own ground as the head of his own party, with a clear ambition to become the Prime Minister, he would have had more credibility. He would have destroyed BJP, for sure, but he might have become India's largest opposition group – of course with a lot more effort. 

However, by (almost certainly) becoming a branch of BJP, and a part of the RSS, Baba Ramdev has become a bit player on the scene. I know he still retains a lot of clout, and that he is now seen as a martyr, but by joining hands with BJP, he will lose nearly a quarter his followers. 

His style has been cramped. This man once represented an untainted image. No longer clear and independent. His moral stature has declined.


Ramdev's commitment to commit elections.

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The Congress government now in a big soup

(Chairs are seen overturned after the police removed protesters from the Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi, on Sunday.[Source])

Now what?

The Congress has been playing with fire. It is now badly cornered.

It was trying to negotiate with demands some (not all) of which are absurd beyond the wildest imagination. It KNEW it would not be able to deliver on these demands.

Even in its WORST incarnation, the Congress (like the BJP) offers at least a semblance of governance. Baba Ramdev – having clarified he is not into politics – DOES NOT have to provide any governance. He is a permanent opposition party without responsiblity. Ramdev now represents the forces of anarchy. A talented demagogue, his subtlest hint can cause his supporters to unleash GREAT VIOLENCE on India – despite his calls for peaceful agitation.

Did the Congress not realise that by engaging with Baba Ramdev it was merely giving huge media attention (and hence oxygen) to him? Why was he given permission to conduct a fast unto death at the Ramlila ground?

Indeed, the problem started by not nipping Anna Hazare's fast unto death. That was a Herculean blunder. The government should have arrested Hazare and asked him to contest elections and get the people's mandate to change India's laws. Instead, it thought it could take the easy way out by accepting the Jan Lokpal bill (a bill that has ZERO chance of reducing corruption in India).

In doing so, it emboldened every anarchist and mis-informed "educated" Indian who now thinks that Baba Ramdev is a Great Messiah.

I've noted earlier the eerie similarities between the Maximilien Robespierre and Baba Ramdev

The Ramdev movement is poised to take the country to the brink.

The Government MUST arrest him. It has no other choice. I wrote about that already. It must have arrested Hazare as well. These people are breaking India's laws. That the laws are questionable is a different matter – but that's something these people must change by getting INTO politics, not by creating anarchy from the outside.

The Government must make clear that it will SOLIDLY OPPOSE all fasts-unto-death. Let people hold dharnas, peaceful marches, whatever. But not fast unto death. That is clear cause for arrest under the current Indian legal system.

EACH time the Government gives in to extra-constitutional forces like Ramdev's, it is weakened. Today it has become almost a non-government. No one knows who governs India.

I have no objection to what Ramdev is doing so long as he enters electoral politics. Political strategy, even if it breaks the law, is tolerable. But given he REFUSES to get into politics and get elected, his methods are a serious problem.

The ultimate test of a government – its fundamental ability to govern and enforce the law – is coming to a head.

Sonia has failed clearly. MMS has failed. Can Rahul Gandhi step in and meet the challenge of leadership?

Else some rough times are ahead for India, till someone who knows how to govern is elected. Could well be a person like Narendra Modi. [Till FTI finds enough leaders to be able to offer an alternative national political party]

Regardless of my GREAT differences with these two parties – Congress and BJP, which I consider to be the enemies of India – I consider them to be FAR preferable to medieval anarchy that Hazare and Ramdev are trying to usher in. Let me make clear: should these people enter electoral politics, I have no fundamental problem with their methods (though I disagree with the idea of fast unto death).

But they can't usurp to themselves the power given by the electorates of India to the parliamentarians of India

Much as I respect people like Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi, I disagree with their remarks on the action carried out last night in Delhi. They can't support people who are breaking India's laws (although I agree that Ramdev's movement is directed at people in government who are themselves breaking the laws).


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Is Baba Ramdev wasting everyone’s time!?

Two comments I read today have surprised me to no extent, and forced me to read more about what’s going on.

a) On Twitter, anshu_sunny82 (Anshuman Kumar) wrote in response to my blog post on Ramdev, earlier today: “These articles are based on the premise-Baba will be joining Politics and launch a party.which wont clsed.”

b) And I read on Tehelka, KN Govindacharya saying, “there is no way he will enter political life”.

I’m now very confused!

About a year ago I was in India and the headlines were the Baba Ramdev is into politics. That he is launching Bharat Swabhiman precisely as a political entity. I checked google to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, and here is just one of the MANY news reports on the issue:

Baba Ramdev launches political party named Bharat Swabhiman (DNA March 17, 2010)

But I now see these, as well!

Baba Ramdev to float political party in 2 years [NDTV 3 December 2010]

Baba Ramdev won’t launch political party [Times of India, Apr 21, 2011]

Baba Ramdev of Bharat Swabhiman not to launch a political party but wants stronger laws enacted to fight corruption [Navhind Times, undated]

What’s going on? Can someone please enlighten me?

I’d appreciate knowing what’s going on. Is he into politics or is he not?

This man as a yogi is of NO interest to me. I “do” some yoga for health, but that’s about it. I’m not a fanatic yogi. I have NO time for yogis.

The reason I was paying at least some attention to this yogi is because he seemed to display great courage to take on the big political parties, and to work towards the implementation of his ideas (despite the fact that I don’t agree with many of them).

I was even giving him credit for being a smart political strategist!

But what is all this that I’m reading?

Is he just another of those who is wasting people’s time? Like Anna Hazare?

The people of India want CHANGE. They want good governance. They want corruption to be removed. That can ONLY be done by joining politics, contesting elections, and taking charge of India’s governance. There is no other way.

Even though Baba Ramdev’s ideas are very poor and will NOT improve governance, and will NOT reduce corruption, at least he was in the political ring. I respected him for that.

I respect the WORST and MEANEST Indian politician more than the GREATEST Nobel Prize winning intellectual. Whatever good has happened in India has happened because our politicians have at least maintained a semblance of democrarcy and law and order, no matter how incompetent and howsoever corrupt they have been.

And so I at least respected this yogi for putting his money where his mouth is. Not the usual yogi who merely preaches. Here was a man who DID what he asked others to do.

And now I hear that he has taken the entire country for a ride! A fake declaration of political intent!

I’m disappointed to learn that Baba Ramdev has wasted everyone’s time for no rhyme or reason.

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