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Analysis of the covid vaccine

I’ve not had time to study this fully – given the constantly changing information – but have provided initial views both in the book, Great Hysteria and the ICC complaint.

In the supplementary complaint to the ICC I might provide more info.

Here are some notes:


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COVID deaths figures are so compromised they can no longer be used


I’ve written in some detail in my ICC complaint about the problems with COVID death counts. I also wrote earlier blog posts on this topic:

The BIGGEST SCANDAL: Flu deaths being counted as covid deaths

COVID-19 deaths are counted DIFFERENTLY to deaths from other causes: THIS IS A SERIOUS MISDEMENOUR.

Dr Mark Hobart – who’s ACTUALLY worked in Melbourne nursing homes – confirms that MOST people dying WITH covid do not show respiratory symptoms

Some more:



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Stories by Indians of their plight – separated from their family for nine months by Scott Morrison

This is a follow-up of my previous post.

And remember – all this is for a PANDEMIC THAT DOES NOT EXIST. And in breach of all the laws of Australia (see my ICC complaint against Scott Morrison)

Further, a comment on Facebook:  

Surely this is a breach of Article 9 of the International Rights of the Child


My name is xxx and i have lived in Melbourne, Australia for almost 5 years. I hold a 485(Post study work visa). Its a once in a lifetime opportunity for the students.

I am currently stuck overseas. I was supposed to return on 4th of march but i had to extend my ticket because my mum got sick and she was in ICU for few days and i booked another flight for 20th of march and a day before that Government announced the travel ban and i couldnt return.

These times have been really hard and testing for me and i am in a lot of stress and financial burden. It has been more than 7 months since the travel ban was announced and we still dont have any clear idea about the governments plan about the borders.

As i hold a 485 visa which i mentioned above and its a once in a life time opportunity i feel like my time is just getting wasted as people like myself on this visa are stuck overseas and our visas should be extended at least for the people who got caught overseas its my request to you on behalf all the 485 visa holders if we can please get your support. Your support will be really appreciated.

On an average a students pays 30k per year and after completing our degrees we get this once in a lifetime opportunity of post study work visa. Our time is just getting wasted. Please support us

A lot of us are stuck in India Pakistan Nepal Europe and all over the world. We havent heard anything from Australian government and our visas are just getting expired. Please help us we have invested a lot of money and a lot of time in Australia. This stress and depression and constant bad news is killing us. No one is highlighting this issue
please help us












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Indian students who’ve paid millions in Australia are being tortured en-masse by keeping families and children separated


SEE ALSO: Stories by Indians of their plight – separated from their family for nine months by Scott Morrison

This is a second email I received (the first was in July 2020 but since I was in a government job I could not raise the matter publicly at that stage) – I’m noting it for the public record – as part of the enormous torture being imposed on Indians who have valid student visas but are being treated worse than lepers.

[I’ve slightly edited edited these emails for clarity]


The situation is still the same after 9 months. It’s especially appalling as the families are not being considered despite such a long time having passed. And when we file for exemption as our partner is in Australia we have been asked to tell our partner to go home.

The Victorian impasse on opening of Melbourne Airport being shut since 6 months has further compounded our problems as we are pushed back in the queue.

We are still not able to understand why the Hotel Quarantine has not been started again as 6 months have passed now. Furthermore the federal government has been trying to get the citizens since last 1 year but the statistics of citizens/PR stuck overseas is the same. The number of outward travel exemptions granted is also increasing.

We have invested our careers, savings and taken loans to study there but we are brutally neglected. I hope you could raise this issue in your blogs or among the Indian community.


I am reaching out to you pleading on behalf of all those families separated due to the travel ban in Australia. It has been more than three months since we are separated from families. The mental and emotional turmoil this has caused cannot be explained in words.

To elaborate there are number of young mothers stranded with very small children and even babies separated from their husband and without their support it is becoming increasingly difficult. How do we explain this ruthless separation to our children? It has been such a confusing and troubling experience for them and without a doubt is affecting their mental health and is starting to reflect in their behaviour.

Furthermore, there are instances where Mother is being separated from their child and nothing can be more distressing  than that to worry about every moment how the child is surviving with her. I personally feel so distressing seeing everyday pass by without seeing my partner miss the interaction so much. We are unable to explain the kids why they cannot return to school.

Hon’ble Senator Nick McKim pointed out one such example in his speech at the parliament where a mother from India has been kept away from her four-year- old son and refused exemptions 22 times how cruel is that? I have mentioned a link to the video for reference.

We have all submitted multiple [applications for] exemptions under the compassionate and compelling criteria, pleading the Australian Government to allow us to reunite with our families but every single one of us has been rejected or ignored.

We have now started a WhatsApp group for families separated to support each other and share each other’s concern during this phase and we appeal to you for your help and support.

Being an Australian citizen and a respected member of the community with strong connections, I believe you can understand the severity of this matter and take this forward with the authorities and your voice certainly carries the weight.

Other western countries for example like New Zealand, Canada furthermore Malaysia and UAE have addressed the issue of families separated and made considerations for them during border closures and allowed the families to reunite after a few months.

New Zealand and Australia closed their borders on the same date, but the key difference was that New Zealand allowed dependants of work and student visa holders stranded outside to apply for exemptions and enter the country. While Australia did this for immediate family members of PR and citizens, this compassion was not extended to us just because we are not PR/Citizen doesn’t mean we are not human.

The stress is getting to the point where we are spending sleepless nights and is starting to have startling effect on physical and mental health, and we are hoping it doesn’t translate into something that is irreversible.

We call Australia home as we consider it to be one of the best countries, but we never expected Australia to treat us in such manner.

We are lawful visa holders and have paid millions in education, fees, rentals etc. In this dire hour of need we needed Australia to extend us the olive branch for us to be with our family and face this once in a generation crisis together but here we are fighting just to be with each other. We are no way a burden to Australia even in such a crisis as we neither seek any support nor are eligible for one and have not asked for any financial grants. We are paying for our own medical insurance as well.

The least we expect from Australian government is to just allow us to reunite with our family, that is our only concern.

Despite such a crisis we are ready to pay the quarantine charges and the charter flight charges.

The most puzzling aspect is that Australia’s health minister himself has acknowledged if overseas returnees complete a 14-day quarantine they are no threat to the community as an example out of 20000 Australian citizens/PR who returned only 1 percent were having COVID19. If quarantine works for citizens/PR it is no different for us. We understand it is a matter of national interest and have been waiting patiently for the government to acknowledge us and give a concrete plan for our return.

We approach you in despair and earnestly request you to address this matter with Hon’ble Dutton/ Hon’ble Alan Tudge and others in authority. We understand the quarantine facilities can be a problem so if the government initiates the return process at earliest this process can be carried out in a phased manner and if government does give any assurances and timelines the families can have a breathing space and be relaxed knowing that they are going to be with their loved ones on a certain date that would be really soothing. This endless wait and uncertainty are leading to severe anxiety and mental stress.

Our only request is

  1. Address us and give us a timeline if you cannot start the process immediately.
  2. Start the process of reuniting families in a phased manner so there are adequate quarantine facilities available without harming anyone from the community.
  3. Provide a pathway for expired BVB return as well for families for now


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