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Mass hysteria continues unabated, and if anyone thinks otherwise, have a look at these

Unless we actively engage with the 80% of the population that is living in a state of panic and fear, expect the worst. Totalitarian control by the state is coming.


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Comments by Elizabeth Hart on the vaccine passport

Via email
vaccine passports are one of the major current battlefronts, and what a great interview with Naomi Wolf and Del Bigtree on the Highwire.
FYI, I’ve attached a copy of an article on vaccine passports published in the UK Telegraph today, including some of the comments.
Here are my two comments on the article, I’m in perpetual horror at what is happening in the UK, Boris Johnson and co must be got rid of:

Flabbergasting to see what is happening in the UK…

Boris Johnson and his cronies are ruining your countries and stealing your freedom.

This is treason against the people. The Johnson government is illegitimate in my view. They aren’t serving the people, they are dictators, terrifying the people with propaganda, and failing to be accountable to the people for drastic actions which are destroying freedom of movement and association.

The Johnson government should be taken out and put on trial for what they have done.

People need to wake up and take it back before it’s too late.

As for ‘Covid’, most people aren’t currently at risk of SARS-CoV-2, although who knows what can happen with that mess of fast-tracked experimental vaccine products sloshing around in the community.

The UK is one of the biggest groups of guinea pigs in the world.

Do the people taking these vaccine products realise they’re participating in an experiment, did they give informed consent for this?

Do they realise the ‘regulator’, the MHRA, is conflicted, it’s funded by fees from industry?

Do the people realise the government has given the vaccine manufacturers freedom from liability? Were they informed about this before being jabbed with the experimental vaccines?

The UK is at the heart of the disproportionate and ill-targeted global response to SARS-CoV-2. Do you realise what you have set in train there, and the devastating impact it’s having on the entire world?!?!

And the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is right in the thick of it with all the academics on its gravy train, e.g. Neil Ferguson et al at Imperial College London and Report 9, what a disaster…

Way past time to investigate Bill Gates’ cosy relationships with ‘world leaders’, e.g. Boris Johnson…


Gosh, people need to wake up!

The past year has been dominated by this ‘Covid’ thing, transforming life as we know it, throwing us under the technocracy bus.

This opens up all sorts of issues, particularly how the internet is being used to control us, with power centralised with a few oligarchs.

Our banking, communication, media…etc…all controlled by the internet. And now looming vaccine passports on smart phones, and who knows what next…?

We have trustingly given over so much of our lives to ‘the internet’…but who is protecting our best interests? Certainly not ‘our governments’ which have turned on us…they’re the enemy now, they’re not working for us.

Who owns the internet…should this not be for the benefit of all people, and not to be controlled by self-serving oligarchs?

Does Tim Berners-Lee support what is now happening with the web?

The internet has changed the world…but has it all been for the better?

Not if a few can commandeer it and make us all slaves…

Time for a revision of the big picture, I’m feeling a Luddite revolution coming on…

On a more hopeful note in the UK see: Coronavirus: Dozens of MPs criticise ‘divisive’ Covid passports

The UK is the place to watch, it’s had such a massive impact on the global response to SARS-CoV-2 via Neil Ferguson et al’s Report 9 particularly.
Re the UK this has probably been shared before, possibly on CHD too, but this very interesting article by Whitney Webb is worth revisiting periodically: Developer of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement.
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Key players in the vaccines – an email received


There is no stopping this juggernaut. This is a scam and deception of mind-boggling proportions. Perhaps never before have politicians, all over the world (excepting Sweden?) been complicit in a single crime together. Who is the Hitler that will break his promises and attack his allies, we will have to wait and see.


India’s role in the scam also needs to be analysed. The world over it is the IT & Pharma industry that is pulling the strings: Microsoft and Google appoint 1st gen. immigrant Indians to head their companies (we are elated)

– Infosys has major interests in China

– Nandan Nilekini gets appointed by the UPA to clandestinely ID all Indians under the garb of Aadhaar. the Aadhaar Act itself was/is a major deception (why didn’t they simply make an Act openly stating that they wished to id all Indians with a single ID, I support that) – Nilekini is out of then in Infosys as Chairman

– Boris Johnson with ties to India becomes PM in the UK – meteoric rise of Rishi Sunak son-in-law of Narayan Murthy

– Zuckerberg farms Modi (or the other way around) and attempts to take over the internet in India (with a little help from his friend Ambani) by promising free internet and one internet, one India; during Modi’s 1st term. The plan fails.

– Biden gets installed in the US of A


– Poonawalla’s Serum Institute is “blessed” with the largest partnership by Astrazeneca and Novavax

Came across this write-up :

What it will take to vaccinate the world against COVID-19 –25 MARCH 2021

Came across below that links AstraZeneca – > U of Oxford – > Serum I of India

But the biggest manufacturing deals have been negotiated by AstraZeneca, based in Cambridge, UK, for the vaccine it developed with the University of Oxford, UK. The company has contracted manufacturing capacity for 2.9 billion vaccine doses to 25 firms in 15 countries.Its largest partnership deal is with Serum Institute of India in Pune, which agreed in June 2020 to produce one billion doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Serum Institute, the world’s largest manufacturer of vaccine components, also agreed last August to make at least one billion doses of a vaccine developed by Novavax in Gaithersburg, Maryland.


And the Africa link:

Manufacturers that are signed up to make vaccines also include South Africa’s Aspen Pharmaceuticals in Durban, which will formulate, as well as fill and finish, Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine.

My comment: So with China, India and Africa covered to produce vaccines – you have most of the world’s population covered to receive them forcefully. Perhaps the US of A will cover other parts of the Americas.



Drew Weissman, an RNA biologist at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Weissman’s research laid the groundwork for the mRNA vaccinesdeveloped by both Pfizer–BioNTech and Moderna, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts .

Last February [2020], Pfizer and Moderna were already thinking about how to make more. They started buying GMP [good manufacturing practice] companies,” Weissman says

“They [also] started leasing other companies, but they had no control on the raw materials. Maybe governments could have used their authority to make chemical companies produce more raw materials, but that’s a lot to ask for when the drug hasn’t even been approved,” he adds.



Some 11 billion doses are required to vaccinate 70% of the world’s population — assuming two doses are given per person. This is the proportion that might be needed to reach population-level, or herd, immunity.

That’s why India and South Africa are among the countries involved in a campaign to get COVID-19-related intellectual-property rights temporarily waived.

The proposal has been gathering support, and is now backed by around 100 countries, and a diverse coalition of organizations called the People’s Vaccine Alliance, which includes the United Nations’ HIV/AIDS agency UNAIDS[My comment: this could very well be called the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Agency. What is astounding is that about 2 years back I saw a huge hoarding outside a hospital for Polio pulse distribution with ONLY Bill Gates on it. This is astounding because we usually see photos of politicians on hoardings and human-rights group Amnesty International. It was discussed at a WTO meeting on 10 and 11 March, and talks are due to resume next month.

Jerome Kim, director-general of the International Vaccine Institute in Seoul, says: “The thing about vaccines is that, unlike a drug, you can’t just [follow instructions] and assume that you’ve got a vaccine. This is a complex biological process that has multiple quality-control steps.” For RNA technology, he says, “it’s really not that robust yet”. … Instead, Kim proposes that companies license their intellectual-property rights to third parties. Such ‘technology transfer’ will speed up the manufacturing process because more companies will be making things.

So we know that there is the China, Imperial college, Oxford Univ. , India, Europe, US of A, S.Africa link ups.


then we have the “Jameel Community” complicity which leads to Saudi Arabia and Abdul Latif Jameel.


Here is Imperial’s propaganda machinery at work:

Imperial’s expertise in the field of disease and outbreak planning is genuinely world-leading. Researchers from the College have previously worked on outbreaks and pandemics, including SARS, bird flu, swine flu, MERS and Ebola.

Expertise is now chiefly delivered through the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis (MRC GIDA) and Abdul Latif Jameel Institute for Disease and Emergency Analytics (J-IDEA), both based in the School of Public Health, but also various groups across the College.

Since January, the MRC-GIDA and J-IDEA teams have responded rapidly to the emerging coronavirus threat as the Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team – led by Professor Neil Ferguson alongside other world-leading professors including Christl Donnelly, Azra Ghani and Steven Riley, and later joined by Nick Grassly, Timothy Hallett and Katharina Hauck.

Professor Ghani, who is Chair in Infectious Disease Epidemiology, says: “It started when we saw the first cases emerging from China.

The Imperial team has already published evidence that interventions in 11 European countries to counter the coronavirus pandemic, including school closures and national lockdowns, are working effectively and, that up to 120,000 deaths may have already been averted.


Dr Nabarro previously served as Special Adviser to the UN on Sustainable Development and Climate Change [Sanjeev: I have a bit of a soft corner for Nabarro – but of course he must not be ignored in any analysis]

Dr Ajay Gambhir from Imperial’s Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment explored these themes in a recent commentary about the pandemic.


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The vaccine passport is indeed the last nail in the coffin of liberty – a permanent end to freedom of thought, as well

This video by Naomi Wolf is crucially important.

If you sleep walk into the Orwellian nightmare which Israel has already walked into, your future generations will never excuse you for your failure to think.

Sadly, yesterday I took this message to the Bulleen shopping centre and one of the persons was angry because of his fear of this virus and said he WANTS the vaccine passport.

They have made people severely afraid and now people are clamouring for their own slavery.

The a3 chart that I discussed with shoppers yesterday:





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