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A book: Glimpses of Vedic Metaphysics


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A book: Breaking Free of Nehru

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Indian liberalism: An archive of Sanjeev’s work

Many educated Indians continue to ignore politics at their own peril. India cannot assist either its own people or the world by leaving politics to its most corrupt members ─ who currently populate the polity of India. Only through grappling with the systems and practice of governance can the freedoms enshrined in the Indian social contract be defended from the ongoing encroachments of a socialist, feudal polity.



The end of my journey to facilitate reform in India

[draft, 31/7/05 – to be completed]


The material in the policy and political reform ‘boxes’ below is frozen since 1 July 2005

A. Policy reform in India

B. Political reform in India

India Policy Institute (logo)


A project to create the world’s best political party: advancing policies to protect the freedoms we are born with, and the ethical practice this calls for.


1) The initial, hypothetical, project of February 1998:

Victory of India  Party, that began this liberal project.


2) The Liberal Party of India, that started with a few significant members,

but wound down after an assessment of the Indian reality of 2005.







Indian liberal institutions

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US, British, Australian and Bangaladeshi liberal think tanks: Centre for Independent Studies | International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL) | Mont Pelerin Society | Classical Liberal resources and addresses | Free Market Net | The Independent Institute | Institute for Humane Studies | Institute for Economic Affairs | Atlas Economic Research Foundation | Free the World |Making Our Economy Right, Bangladesh

Other sites of interest Transparency International (India)| Ideas for India | Think Tanks on Yahoo | Policy.com | ForeignPolicy.comJAL News | TIE | NetIP-SFBA | SIPA | Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs: PUBPOL-L | Secular India | SRISTI |  Permanent Lobby for India in the U S