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My op-ed in The Australian today – demolishing the covid hysteria and lockdowns

My op-ed in today’s Australian. Key points:

1) Sweden’s 2-yr average death rate will likely be the second lowest in ten years. This has been a “bad flu” but less lethal than the Hong Kong flu.

2) Lockdowns have only been used once in 500 years: for Ebola, and were not effective even for it. “When lockdowns are rejected by the science even for a lethal virus such as Ebola, the idea of lockdowns being applied for a flu-like virus does not arise”.

3) Vaccine can be helpful for those >75. Compulsion would amount to the same intellectual and spiritual cowardice that we’ve seen throughout 2020.

The high resolution image of the article at

Print edition snapshot.


Letter published in The Australian on 1 January 2020


  1. Estimate of annual deaths
  2. Estimate of death rates.
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One of biggest fergusons of all time: Fauci

A placeholder post, as usual.

Being a PERFECT SCOUNDREL, he keeps changing his views. Like a chameleon. Science doesn’t change like this – but this guy is a hopelessly conflicted political scoundrel.

On everything – lockdowns, masks, the risk from various disease. And his predictions are ALL CRAZILY out of whack. The maddest “scientist” on planet Earth today.

Top disease official: Risk of coronavirus in USA is ‘minuscule’; skip mask and wash hands

Here’s a comprehensive document on Fauci prepared by David Martin. Ref: ( and yt channel (David Martin World)


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