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My third finished book: The Great Hysteria and The Broken State

My two previous books (that I’ve actually finished – there are another 10-15 underway at different stages of completion) are:

Breaking Free of Nehru, Anthem Press (2008) – now available free of cost to download (well over 50,000 copies have been downloaded to date). Try it out. It comes highly recommended by Gurcharan Das, former MD of Proctor and Gamble Worldwide and one of India’s most well-known authors.

Seeing the Invisible, Self-published (2018) – with a commitment to keep it free for download for ever. It is a book on economics for children up to age 100. Try it out as well and share it with all the young people you can. It comes highly recommended by Nobel Prize winner Vernon Smith. (Over 2000 copies have been downloaded to date and 1000 copies are being printed for distribution to schools in Assam, India.)

And now, in just 10 days of work, a third one: The Great Hysteria and the Broken State,Connor Court Publishing (2020). This one is not free (nor was BFN, initially).


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My call for constitutional restraints across the world on our servants

I’ve commented on Sweden’s constitutional restraints over the past few months and also got these restraints included in SBP’s manifesto. These are a few recent tweets on this topic.



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Constitutional, legal and libertarian objections to lockdowns

This is a placeholder post. Again, subject to time.

What good are constitutional rights if they are violated when Americans get sick? – By Andrew P. Napolitano Wednesday, March 25, 2020

    • this one (above) is the BEST article on this topic, a must read by everyone in the world.

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POLICY RESPONSES TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC (Paper by Alexandria Edward of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise)

Beyond the targeted relief programs and extension of unemployment insurance, the bill expands virtually every component of the social safety net, signifying a substantial growth of the welfare state with no clear distinction between immediate needs and permanent government expansion.
“‘Emergencies’ have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded.” – Friedrich A. Hayek
In the context of the current crisis, Friedrich Hayek’s words are especially pertinent. Once liberties are effectively suspended in a true emergency, Hayek further notes that “it is not difficult for anyone who has assumed such emergency powers to see to it that the emergency will persist.” It falls on the American voting public to remain on guard once this crisis subsides to ensure the system returns to some semblance of normalcy, rather than allowing the current moment to function as a pretense for a permanent expansion of government power.

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Letter to PM from Kisan Putra – essential reforms for agriculture

Sharing this letter (PDF here).


Amber, Housing Society, AMBAJOGAI-431517
(Beed) Maharashtra

Mb.8411909909 Email-

26th January 2017

26th January 2020


The Prime Minister of INDIA

New Delhi

Subject: – Abolition of Anti-Farmer Laws.
Respected Sir,

You are very well aware that the financial condition of the farmers has become very pathetic, pitiable and critical and the spree of suicides of the farmers are not coming to an end. This situation has not been changed even after rendering the govt. help like financial packages and the waiver of loan etc. The land holdings of the farmers have become so small that they cannot maintain their families. Hence, the time has been reached to root out the problems of the peasants and to abolish the laws pertaining to the agriculture and farmers. Your kind help and cooperation is earnestly requested in this regard.

The following three laws have become the hazards of the farmers.

  1. Agricultural land [Ceiling on holding] Act.
  2. Essential Commodities Act.
  3. Land Acquisition Act.

The agriculture sector can be liberalized only on the cancellation of the above three Acts.

Agricultural land [ceiling and holding] Act comes under the jurisdiction of the State Govt. The Essential Commodities Act and Land Acquisition Act come under the purview of the Union Govt. Therefore, both Central and State Governments have to consider these acts in view of the farmers.

The reasons for repealing these laws are as under –

A. These laws are contradictory and biased with principles of constitution of India and denying the freedom of the business of the farmers and have become outdated and now they are not justified in the present scenario.

Agriculture land [ceiling and holding] Act was struck down by the Hon’ble Court but o the reason that it was included in the 9th Schedule of Constitution, it was protected.

The fundamental rights are soul of our Constitution and now these laws have been proved to be contradictory to them.

B. In the changing scenario, these Acts are not favourable. The per capita holding of agricultural land in the world is increasing but only in India it is decreasing.

If this trend is not stopped, Indian agriculture would not stand in the global competition. In view of the current developments in the agricultural science, it has become necessary to attract the experts who can face the contemporary challenges.

Unfortunately above laws create hurdles and discourage their excitement and initiatives.

C The climate and the weather condition of India is most favourable for the agricultural activities. The employment relating to the agriculture can give the economic stability and sustainable employment too.

The conclusive atmosphere for the agro based employments cannot be created unless the above laws are not abolished.

D. Lack of investment of capital is the main problem for agriculture.

Due to the above mentioned three laws, business of agriculture always remains in loss. Consequently, the farmers cannot make their saving and hence they never make investment. Since it is always loss-making business, there is no attraction for any external investment.

Average land holding is so small as 2 acres due to Agricultural land [ceiling on holding] Act. Essential commodities act is a tool for interference of Govt. in the market. Land Acquisition Act is always threatening to farmers, These situations conclusively discourages investment in agriculture sector. Therefore the path of the agricultural development can be opened only after the abolition of the above acts.

We have already seen the limitations of the industrial development at the cost of agriculture. Therefore it has now become very necessary to develop the agriculture sector in its totality and the natural development of the agriculture as a business,

Suggestion for immediate steps-

1. Appointment of a Committee –

We demand to Government to appoint a committee immediately to evaluate the relevance of these Acts.

2. Farmers companies should be exempted from Agricultural land [ceiling on holding] Act.

The Govt. is promoting the companies formed by the farmers. The State Government can initiate to exempt farmers companies from Agriculture Land ceiling Act. These companies should be permitted to hold the price of agricultural land as a share. If the banks provide finance to these agro based companies, then they can stand in the competition.

Those farmers, (whose livelihood is depend on Agriculture) are living a very bad life. Even after the fair prices paid to their agricultural yields, they cannot lead there life of a class – IV employees, who is getting at least Income of salary of Rs.18,000/- per month.

In this situation, it has become necessary to make reconstruction of the agriculture sector.

We therefore, request you to look into this matter and take initiation to abolish the above three Acts,


Amar Habib

Kisanputra Andolan

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