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My next TOI blog post: Our party’s views on the Raghuram Rajan economic strategy


And my email to the economists:


Dear fellow economists and friends

Thanks for your efforts to help reform India. I’ve had a close look at your views and provided a summary position here on 22 December:

Would appreciate your close examination of SBP’s manifesto (and indeed, my book Breaking Free of Nehru – particularly its chapters 4 and 5). Also, I’ve written around 25 articles either as op-eds or blog posts in TOI over the years which summarise many of the points I’ve raised in my 22 December article. I’d be keen to get your direct involvement in India’s only party for liberty.

Also, in this regard, I’d like to share a book on economics that I’ve written for children ( Vernon Smith, 2002 Nobelist, considers it to be a “great” book. We are experimenting with this book in a school in Guwahati, Assam. We need to dramatically improve the level of economics education in India.
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Rajnish Rai – a hero police officer

Although there are only a very few of them, I have come across some really good police officers in India. My most intense interaction was with Ajit Das, a promotee IPS officer who was my Superintendent of Police when I was DC Barpeta. He was man of extraordinary integrity and concern for the rule of law.

It was because of his diligent work that we did not have too many killings by Bodo or ULFA terrorists in my district during my tenure. One day, when I have time, I’ll write more about his work.

And of course, my batchmate Hemant Karkare, whom I don’t recall very well since we only met in the Academy briefly, but whose work is known to all of us.

Here’s another good officer I’ve just come across, so noting for my future reference: Rajnish Rai, who has fought against false encounters.

Some news reports/ articles about him.

Cop With a Conscience Shunted Again: What Makes Rajnish Rai Tick?`

These senior IPS officers are examples of a different kind of courage in uniform


“Rai’s performance was downgraded only for the period when he probed the Sohrabuddin case and arrested three IPS officers.”

And why: “The ACR was downgraded by his superior officers on the ground that Rai did not communicate the progress of the investigation to his seniors. Rai’s performance was first evaluated as ‘good’ by OP Mathur, then head of CID-Crime and the reporting authority of Rai. However, PC Pande, then DGP and reviewing authority, lowered the performance by putting ‘average’ remark, which was ultimately accepted by Balwant Singh, then home secretary.” [Source]

Rai has narrated in his petition to CAT how Mathur and Pande were creating hurdles in the investigation process of Sohrabuddin case.

Basically he was PUNISHED by HIS CROOKED BOSSES for doing his job.

“Rajnish Rai who was entrusted with the responsibility to assist in investigating the ‘encounter killing’ of Sohrabuddin Sheikh in March 2007 in Gujarat, ten years earlier. It was expected at that time by his superiors and peers that he would protect the state police and political establishment.

Instead he stunned his peers and seniors by arresting IPS officers D G Vanzara, Rajkumar Pandyan and Dinesh M N in April 2007 for the fake encounter murder of Sohrabuddin, his wife Kauserbi and close associate Tulsiram Prajapati. Pandyan was Rai’s batch-mate, and they had been close friends, spending time in each other’s homes. But Rai was convinced that his friend Pandyan had committed a grave crime of custodial murder. Rai also alleged that the then home minister and the police officers loyal to him were making every effort to cover up the crimes of the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case. He maintained that the Tulsiram Prajapati murder was also part of this conspiracy because he was a witness to the abduction by the police of Sohrabuddin and his wife Kauserbi.” [Source]

Rajnish Rai said to me that for him the highest satisfaction is that after the investigations that he and Satish Verma undertook, extra-judicial ‘encounter’ killings of alleged ‘dreaded’ terrorists came to an abrupt and absolute halt in Gujarat. Such ‘encounters’ had become had become commonplace between 2002 and 2005, and it was always claimed that the men and women killed were bent on assassinating the chief minister. [Source]

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After coming upon this (on Facebook) I decided to spend some time to bring together the evidence of Modi’s murderous life history IN HIS OWN WORDS.

The fact that evidence about his guilt is overwhelming is something I’ve commented on at length on this blog. But now I have learnt to do some simple video editing, so I’ve built this 5 minute video.

If this video doesn’t convince you to study more about Modi’s complicity in MURDER AND MAYHEM, IN GENOCIDE AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, then I’m afraid you have no shred of humanity. You may please leave and never visit this blog. I weep for the innocents killed in the name of “Islamic terrorists”.

And as you dig deeper, you will quickly realise that the Godhra incident, itself, was a COMPLETE SET UP BY MODI. It was ORCHESTRATED by Modi.

Anyway, such is life. The criminals rise to the top. I am very unhappy with the way India has become – was it this bad in the past? I hope not.

Video URL:

For further proofs you can start by reading my compilations here:

The Truth About Modi

Modi’s Lies to the SIT


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