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Nityanand as god. Hilarious.

I love this clown guru. I occasionally come across his dazzlingly crazy ideas but this is the best!

He beats most comedians – probably in the wrong job.

I’ve downloaded this in case it is removed from the internet in the future. Such gems must be preserved for posterity.

And this. The king of the sun. And look at his believers who feed him and buy him his silly “throne”. I’m in the wrong job. I ought to become god.

Of course, MaximBady has had a good laugh as well:

Others too:




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Penn & Teller – the cookie trick explained – Chris Rose’s clever palming of the cookie inside a hanky

My readers know that I take a keen interest in magic. Not only is it an interest out of curiosity but a deeply scientific interest – since magic is the ONLY way that “religious miracles” have occurred throughout history, and if you can’t understand magic, you WILL be made into at TOTAL BLITHERING FOOL by someone acting to represent the “gods” or the “spirits” or “ghosts” or “telepathy” or “soul” or “rebirth”. One or other “religious guru” WILL pick your pocket.

Mastering magic is a crucial skill – just like the scientific method and the economic way of thinking.

I happened to see this Penn and Teller video in October 2017. My FB post here.

Now that I have basic Shotcut skills, here’s the exact moment when he put the cookie inside his mouth:

Btw, as I had shown elsewhere a few years earlier, this is EXACTLY how that crook Sai Baba fooled millions.

And let me add – I have ENORMOUS respect for professional magicians who do not fool us by telling us that they are god or a “prophet” or “son of God”. They are genuine, honest entertainers.

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Hindutva clown Rajiv Malhotra touting a “third eye” SCAM. The clown allegedly studied science in St. Stephens.

I chanced upon this video that was shared on FB:

The video is 95MB. I’ve made a copy on my computer, and have uploaded on my server here, in case Rajiv Malhotra deletes it (which I suspect he’ll try, sooner or later).

The video shows things that are absurd. Impossible.

Apart from the implausibility of the claims made in the video, the joke is that the children whose “third eye” has allegedly been “opened” remain as ignorant as ever before. There is NO KNOWN CASE of any Indian Nobelist with “third eye”. The “third eye” doesn’t give these children any knowledge. How can one believe such utter tripe!

Plus the “swami” sitting next to RM claims in the video that a lot of “research” is taking place on this issue already! What, why not first get 1 million dollars from Randi!?

The other day I had exposed racketeer Sri Sri Ravishankar for DIRECT FRAUD on the people. [You’ll note that the racketeer has forced the deletion of the video in which he is shown committing fraud. – btw, I do have a copy of the video which he forced youtube to delete.]

We know that “Satya” Sai Baba was a total fraud (e.g. see this and this).

We know that Deeepak Chopra is a total fraud (e.g. see this).

And we know that “Swami” Ramdev is a black marketeer – who supports the corrupt and criminal even as he publicly claims that the corrupt should be “hanged”.

There are just too many of such “swamis”. Hinduism is littered with lies and frauds.

Anyway, I was sure that someone would have studied this matter and exposed it as a FRAUD.

James Randi has offered a MILLION dollars for the past many decades and NO ONE has ever been able to claim that prize, since all claims of paranormal powers are fraudulent.

In this case, it turns out that Dr Narendra Nayak has exposed such rackets and offered an award of Rs.5 lakhs to anyone who can prove a “third eye” under controlled conditions. The video below is self-explanatory.

It is a shame that clowns like Rajiv Malhotra allegedly “studied” science in places like St. Stephens. Clearly he never learnt the BASICS of science. He mugged up like a parrot and passed his exams. Never learnt one bit of science.

JOKER Malhotra – first go to Randi and Nayak and get your million dollars and Rs.5 lakhs. THEN try to persuade people like me.

If he doesn’t do that immediately (i.e. get Randi’s 1 million and Nayak’s 5 lakhs), then he is himself a scamster.

Detailed report on the debunking:

Further report of a magician testing an alleged “third eye” child: A Magician’s Perspective on the Mid-Brain / Third-Eye Activation Scam

Further: Gullible Press Falls for Blindfold Trick Again

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Hyderabadi/ Deccani/ Telengana “Real” news is pure genius. Please send me details about these superb satirists.

(This is a placeholder post. Will post more examples when time permits)

Not since Jaspal Bhatti has anyone done so well on the comedy scale as the "Real" Hyderabad news. These cheeky women sneak in the funniest comments during "normal" news. I've sporadically come across these super actors but their identity is pretty hard to find. I'd love to know more about their other acting performances. The lady who provides the voiceover in the background is perhaps the best of all. Deadpan. But the entire group is superb. Excellent. If you come across details about their name and other perofrmances, do let me know. I love good comedy.

Some examples of their genius, provided below. 

 My recent FB post (do see the snippet about BJP's health tips: that involve increasing the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol – it is superb).




This is their website.

Office : #22-3-302, 
Attas-ur-Rahman Estate 
1st Floor Mandi Mir Alam Road, 
Hyderabad. AP, INDIA

Real Channel is a purely Deccani Channel, for News & Entertainment.It was launched in 2012 by Mr.Shareef Abdur Raheem Yamani.

The chairman's biodata is an art form in itself.

Shareef Abdul Raheem Yamani is the chairmen of RUBY CHANNEL. He is also the chairmen of ruby group of companies.

His honorary works and dignified prolific character subdues under his constancy of the work that he has laid upon years with tremendous experience. Moreover believing upon the stream of thoughts, he encourages the new people over his followings and holds important meet with young generations of India who are bound to shine in the coming days of the league of honor. Shareef Abdul Raheem Yamani Biography and Profile has always been quite interesting to note with many noteworthy performances that he put up while he mastered himself in the field of being a producer and adjudging the political ability and scenario quite quickly.

Shareef Abdul Raheem Yamani Life History Works. He led his career as an objective towards the growth with moral factualism and worked upon the build-up of various leagues and associations Shareef Abdul Raheem Yamani Life History Biography says that he was involved in jurisdiction of various acts and performed some important works in opening upon the he empowered the zone with handling some important offices and positions in keeping things very much simpler and easy.

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