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Please do not comment on this blog

I’m extremely busy and have no time to read comments. I will auto-delete ALL comments received. Please do not comment. If something is a matter of LIFE AND DEATH please write to me at

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Question for my existing email subscribers

This is only meant for those who have subscribed to this blog via email.

Feedburer is shutting down its email service but it is not clear from the language on its page whether existing subscribers will continue to get email notifications.

For new email subscribers I’ve moved to a new service and 4 people have subscribed to date. I’ve removed the link to the Feedburner form and put in the new form.

REQUEST TO OLD SUBSCRIBERS: Can you please spare a moment to tell me whether you receive this? Write to me at

I’ll try this again in a month or so, and if I don’t get a response, I’ll send you info on how to migrate to the new system. If you continue to get these blog posts then there’s nothing to do.

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Trying the wavenote app to share comments

I’ve started an account on Wavenote and tried one short comment.

Looks really good to me. Just dictate and it automatically uploads on the cloud. Also auto-posts on Facebook.

It doesn’t seem to have an app for embedding on a blog, but I’m assuming all these features will come in due course.

Since such apps can only succeed if more people join them, please start your wavenote account and let’s see if this catches on.


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