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Trying the wavenote app to share comments

I’ve started an account on Wavenote and tried one short comment.

Looks really good to me. Just dictate and it automatically uploads on the cloud. Also auto-posts on Facebook.

It doesn’t seem to have an app for embedding on a blog, but I’m assuming all these features will come in due course.

Since such apps can only succeed if more people join them, please start your wavenote account and let’s see if this catches on.


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Half a million unique visits to this blog this year – update on website statistics

I used to run Jetpack statistics but found these slow down the website. I’ve therefore shifted to Quantcast, which is super-accurate.

I took a minute to check last year’s data. It appears that I’ve now crossed 500,000 unique visits over the year.

Roughly half the visits are from India (blue area below), half from the rest of the world (grey). Visits have increased over the past few weeks given the interest in demonetisation, and should drop off to normal levels thereafter.

Unfortunately, my google ad earnings are on a steep decline. After at one stage nearly reaching $200AUD in a month, these are now tracking well below $100AUD per month. I suspect a lot of people are using ad blockers. Further, most ad earnings don’t come from sabhlokcity anyway (which is of interest only to Indians) but from a couple of my subdomains which contain information of interest to people from developed countries. These earnings are pivotal to my continued engagement with liberty in India.  I have spent just too much of my own money for the past 20 years – with huge opportunity cost as well – and this drip feed of funds ensures I don’t continue to lose big money while engaging with reforms in India.


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Facebook is seriously challenged ethically


Google pays you for the ads it posts on your blog or on your youtube channel. Your contents is monetised, allowing people to produce more content.

On Facebook, however, the more popular writers DON’T get any share of the ad revenue attributable to their content. And worse – Facebook allows youtube vidoes to be stolen and widely shared – WITHOUT providing the creators any revenue.

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