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Prof Ted Steele points out serious flaws in Peter Doherty’s advocacy of the vaccine

(note: do read this: Covid vaccine watch)

I’m sharing an EXTRACT from Prof. Ted Steele’s widely shared critique of Peter Doherty’s article. This is vitally important.

Doherty’s response:

TED’s EMAIL’S TITLE: I strongly disagree with your vaccine advocacy

Dear Peter:

So there can be no misunderstanding in what I now say and analyse, I attach a scan of your article which appeared on the Opinion page 22 of Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper on Monday February 22, 2021.

Your article is a political tract , an article of advocacy, not Science. Sorry, that is the way it is. But I will engage you at both the scientific and political levels.

Your article contains scientific contradictions which I highlight (yellow) here for further discussion ( my
comments follow in
red) , Paragraph 15 though 19 viz.

“Apart from some issues for highly allergic people I don’t see danger signals to date ( large numbers
of deaths of elderly Pfizer recipients in Norway?- what type
of allergy B/T cell? or innate immune? ) , or any reason as yet to doubt that the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines protect against severe disease” ( Where is that
evidence? That seems a faith
based statement to me. Why has Merck made a strong advisory that the AstraZeneca vaccine not be given to those > 65yr? Why is this advisory being ignored not just by you but also the Federal


“ And, while they may not stop early infection in the nose, my personal guess is that they will reduce
the extent of transmission . But that will take a while to emerge. At this stage , its probably too early to know whether prior infection or vaccination provides better long-term protection.”
Why say all this inthe public pages of the Herald-Sun newspaper when you simply do not know the answer?You cannot have it both ways- that is why your article is a political tract.


“ We know that people who had clinically mild COVID-19 can sometimes be re-infected but,
with the widespread use of nasal swabs and the sensitive PCR tests we all
hear about every day , we’ve set a higher standard for COVID-19 proetction than
has ever been applied to any respiratory pathogen. (
Yes , I agree, past
seasonal common colds epidemics and pandemics ( and flus) have never
been tracked like this before
– but both have always been lethal for elderly
co-morbids in aged care and nursing facilities. My estimate is the 0.1 % of all
genuine COVID-19 patients run the risk of dying. This
is the group
longitudinal studies identify as having little if any innate immune anti-viral
defences , see Figure 2c in Lucas et al 2020

“ The basic message is : minimise any chance that you will develop symptoms of COVID-19 by
taking whatever vaccine you’re offered at the earliest opportunity” (
What an
extraordinary exhortation given your statement above
viz. .”. my personal guess is that
they will reduce the extent of transmission .

But that will take a while to emerge.
At this stage , its probably too early to know whether prior
infection or vaccination provides better long-term protection.”
How can you
possibly advocate that unless on political grounds- is the Doherty Institute
beholden financially to Morrison or the Andrews governments? The average
citizen sees through this advocacy- that is why the Australian Open crowd
spontaneously erupted and loudly boo’ed the other night
when the MC
tried to sell the vaccine! To a tennis crowd – you are just being a
political advocate here, pure and simple, it is so transparent


“You owe that to yourself , to your family, and to your fellow citizens” – Peter, the
air and the public space is already saturated with lies and misinformation, and
here you are adding more pure unadulterated BS to the mix.


“ And, the more of us who are vaccinated, the less governments will see a need for
lockdowns and border closures” .
Surely you do not agree with those
latter measures which are have now destroyed our society and economy and caused
untold misery – far greaterv tyan any common cold virus.

On ABC TV Insiders’ the day before your article appeared, Minister Greg Hunt frankly
admitted this is the” biggest clinical trial in history and much data on safety
and efficacy will be will be collected…” !! . Normally citizens are only
exposed to a medicine or vaccine
after a clinical trial. The
treatment campaign is not considered a clinical trial. That cannot be true as a
normal clinical trial is also subject to halt at any stage (‘first do no harm’)
with any significant adverse reactions (Pfizer should have immediately pulled
its vaccine after the Norway nursing home fatalities).

Immune defenceless and compromised elderly should be last people
to be exposed to an untested experimental vaccine
, not the first as is
planned in this ill thought out roll-out. Surely the aim should be, in this
vulnerable group, to boost the Innate Immune response rather than an acquired
adaptive response? See the clear deficiency in elderly co-morbids in the
“severe” COVID-19 category, in Lucas et al 2020.

I have widely circulated this criticism of your misguided public position – to
colleagues, collaborators and newspaper editors both as Cc and Bcc.

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The devious ways by which Scott Morrison is trying to make the covid vaccine mandatory

Read my book and ICC complaint about the statements made by Morrison and Andrews regarding MADNATORY vaccines. Also by Greg Hunt (plan to roll out vaccine to “all” Australians).



Safe Work Australia – which is an Australian government agency – stated on their website on Friday that businesses may be permitted to refuse entry to those who are not vaccinated, saying, ‘It is unlikely that WHS laws require you to ask customers and visitors for proof of vaccination. However, you might still want to require this as a condition of entry to your premises.’ The fundamental human right of informed consent to medical treatment requires the absence of coercion, as well as the absence of compulsion. A government agency allowing businesses to police vaccine compliance – while the prime minister states at the same time that the vaccine is ‘voluntary’ – is a cynical derogation of ethical responsibility.



SCREENSHOT SINCE ARCHIVE.ORG IS UNABLE TO ARCHIEVE THIS. Basically, by keeping provision for businesses to mandate the vaccine, the Australian government is breaching the Nuremberg Code.

Do I need to include mandatory vaccination as a control measure to comply with my WHS duties?

It is unlikely that a requirement to be vaccinated will be reasonably practicable.

This is because, for example:

  • at present, public health experts, such as the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee has not recommended a vaccine be made mandatory in any industries
  • there may not yet be a vaccine available for your workers
  • your workplace is ‘low risk’, for example, your business is in a town with no community transmission or no customer facing roles, or
  • some of your workers have medical reasons why they cannot be vaccinated.

However ultimately whether you should require your workers to be vaccinated will depend on the particular circumstances at the time you are undertaking your risk assessment.

Some factors you should consider on an ongoing basis include:

  • Is the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee recommending COVID-19 vaccinations for all workers in your industry?
  • Will your workers be exposed to the risk of infection as part of their work? For example, hotel quarantine workers will be at higher risk of exposure when their work duties place them in contact with people who may be infected with COVID-19.
  • Do your workers work with people who would be vulnerable to severe disease if they contract COVID-19?
  • What is the likelihood that COVID-19 could spread in the workplace? For example, some work tasks may require your workers to work in close proximity to each other.
  • Do your workers interact with large numbers of other people in the course of their work that could contribute to a ‘super-spreading’ event if your workers contract COVID-19?
  • What other control measures are available and in place in your workplace? Do those control measures already minimise the risk of infection, so far as is reasonably practicable?
  • Would a requirement to be vaccinated be unlawful in the circumstances? For example, would it discriminate against a class of employees? If you need information on COVID-19 and Australian workplace laws, go to the Fair Work Ombudsman website.
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China’s fake videos and bullying to get the West to impose lockdowns #GreatCrime2020

A placeholder post. But the best will be to go through the tweets I’ve tagged with #GreatCrime2020

This is a compilation of some of the fake videos (there were around 20-30 of them) pumped out by China during January-March 2020.

Coronavirus: Inside the pro-China network targeting the US, Hong Kong and an exiled tycoon – BBC, 27 May 2020

How China’s fake news machine is rewriting the history of Covid-19, even as the pandemic unfolds – Politico, 4 April 2020

Falling for China’s Fake Covid-19 News Was Dangerous and Preventable – Human Rights Watch, 30 April 2020









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