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Update on my father’s health – 2

Contd. from here.

DVT and complications

My father developed a massively swollen left leg by around the 18th of August. Doppler ultrasound at a major hospital’s Emergency Department did not detect any DVT. But the swelling continued, so on 28 August we got another ultrasound done at a local hospital. That test detected severe DVT in the pelvic area, leading to immediate hospitalisation in the ICU over the weekend (28/29 August). After intravenous drip of heparin for 24 hours, my father was brought back home and I’ve learnt to administer the subcutaneous injection – twice a day.

Unfortunately, after 3 injections, my father developed hematuria (internal bleeding, particularly in the bladder area) so this meant further visits to the hospital. I’ll be meeting a haematologist tomorrow to decide an optimal management plan for DVT even as the cancer treatment will continue on the side. This DVT is most likely caused by a cancerous lymph node that’s pressing on vital veins.


Neuroendocrine tumours are said to respond best to chemotherapy – but radiotherapy is first needed to shrink the massive tumour that has developed in the pelvic area. Seven sessions of radiotherapy are now over, another 8 to go. This has been a huge win, since there were too many issues (massive disruption to key blood indicators, cancer blockage in the intestines, – and now DVT) that had to be dealt with through intensive measures during this journey. It will be hard to describe the kinds of tasks involved: let’s just say these are comprehensive. Somehow, all of us combined have managed to get my father fit enough to undertake radiotherapy for seven days. If this continues we might succeed in completing his 15 radiotherapy sessions by 14 September. Radiotherapy will likely be followed by chemotherapy.

Innumerable tests and consultations with a range of experts

Cancer tends to knock off multiple systems of the body – a domino effect. No one expert can handle everything. In this case we’ve consulted around 4-5 each of urologists, oncologists, radiation oncologists, nephrologists – and now a haematologist tomorrow. Getting multiple opinions is crucial for cancer since determining the precise nature and magnitude of cancer is no trivial matter. Even now, a lot is not known. Every test and consultation adds new information to help solve the jigsaw puzzle.

Administrative tasks

Then there are a large number of administrative tasks – e.g. making appointments with various experts/ hospitals, organising a claim for reimbursement from the government health insurance scheme which partly covers my father’s costs (there are over 100 pages of documents to be organised and lodged), and responding to questions about his health from various interested people (this post will hopefully help me deal with some of those questions).

Overall, the period from 18 August has been the most life-threatening for my father (with admissions to 2 Emergency departments and one ICU) but he has come through well enough. He will get much better if all the therapies underway work out well – but a lot of challenges remain. Fingers crossed.

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My Telegram posts – full backup

I have had all my Linkedin posts and comments wiped out by Microsoft, and tens of thousands of my Twitter posts wiped out by Twitter. I’m trying to backup Telegram, now. It is possible in this dystopian world that even Telegram might get wiped out.

Here are two links to my Telegram posts from inception (I’ve not backed up videos)

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Update on my father’s health – 1

I’m currently in a strange situation: I’m flat out – I’m spending around 15 hours a day in trying to support the management of my father’s advanced cancer. And yet I have lots of people (both family and others) writing to me, seeking an update.

I can’t respond individually. Therefore, I’m going to post updates occasionally on this blog so people can get the information they need.

This is the first of these updates.

First of all, have a look at this summary of his condition and treatment (radiation therapy, which has started from today). In plain English, a baseball sized cancerous growth is found inside his abdominal/pelvic area and has, additionally, spread across the entire body -liver, lungs, etc.

Second, the cancer has significantly affected my father’s basic functions.  Managing these basic functions is now close to a full-time job, particularly to ensure that my father is made ready/suitable for further therapy.

My father has been into hospitals in and out over the past 2-3 months, including innumerable Emergency departments. He has lost 10% of his body weight over these 2-3 months and has become extremely weak (compared to where he was).


I’m VERY OPTIMISTIC about the outcome of my father’s treatment plan.

  1. My father is being managed by some of the best Indian doctors (and – generally speaking – the best Indian doctors are close to the best in the world – e.g. the urologist from Australia who operated upon me a few years ago took his advanced training in India).
  2. The machine being used is also the best in the world (a Linear Accelerator).
  3. Numerous advanced diagnostic tests have been run to identify the nature of the cancer (his is a very rare/ uncommon cancer).
  4. My father is perfectly fit of mind (100% fit), all his organs are perfect and he has no co-morbidities.
  5. My father is determined to fight this disease.

I am VERY CONFIDENT that the aggressive plan of action that has been implemented from today will shrink his cancer and bring it down to manageable levels.


The prospect of partial recovery of my father from cancer is only possible because of the huge advances made by medical science.

I am a lover of science and remain beholden to science – but only in GENUINE science (not FAKE science e.g. covid lockdowns/climate change exaggerations).



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Now accepting personal donations


I find that Paypal takes a big cut from payments, so I’m leaving open the bank transfer option for those who can spare a moment to do so (this will work best for residents of Australia: for those from other countries, Paypayl might still be best).

Account holder’s name: Sanjeev Sabhlok

Bank: HSBC, Melbourne

BSB: 343002

Account: 142008412

I won’t receive a notification if you transfer via the bank account, so please write to me at about your contribution.


This option is probably quickest for most people:



Dear all, things are now at a stage when I’d be happy to receive donations to support my ongoing work.

I have twice in my life cut short my career mid-stream to fight for principles.

  • The first was my resignation in January 2001 from India’s senior civil service (IAS) in protest against the corruption of India’s governance system. I determined in February 1998 that India needed a liberal party which meant I need to leave my civil service job to work towards that goal. I succeeded in 2014 in helping some wonderful Indian fighters for liberty register India’s only liberal party (Swarna Bharat Party). That party has recently won two seats in a local election – nothing much in the big scheme of things, but something I’m extremely proud of. But my commitment to liberty in India did cost me dearly and I had to start my career from scratch in Australia at the bottom of the heap.
  • The second was my resignation in September 2020 to fight the police state in Victoria. That has also set me back financially. I needed to work for at least five more years to reach a minimum level of self-sufficiency in retirement. But to me money has always mattered less than principles, so I resigned. I am convinced that was the right decision. I don’t know how others in the Treasury, who are betraying the trust that Victorians have reposed in them, are able to sleep. They are sheer mercenaries, the lowest form of human: people who live only for money, only to eat – not for values and principles.

With my continuing costs and inability to work full time due to my ongoing commitment to fight Australia’s totalitarian political parties, I’m now willing to accept financial support.

I am keen in the future to join academics and will, if I’m unsuccessful in winning the Federal seat of Menzies which I plan to contest, look for a suitable job – but that will only happen after my current political work for Australia succeeds. I MUST ensure liberty for all people in Australia before I revert to working as an economist or academic.

Liberty MUST always come First.

And so, at the moment I could do with some help.

If you wish to contribute, please pay me via PayPal:  (use the “send” button. You will need a PayPal account first).

ADDENDUM 15 June 2022

There are 25,126 houses in Bulleen constituency. I’ll do the first round of home printed flyers on foot (2000 in 11 days to date). For the second round I’d like to raise funds for a DL mailout via Australia Post.

Cost will be $6000 (see spreadsheet).

I’d also like to put in at least 5k into Facebook advertising.

So please contribute funds. ..IF YOU WANT TO WAKE UP AUSTRALIA.



With respect Sanjeev, before you ask people who may have less money than you, to give you some of their money, I feel you should be more open about your existing financial position.

My guestimation of the superannuation reserve from 15 years of a senior policy adviser’s salary, is that it will be providing a comfortable income. I have no knowledge of your asset base when you started working for the Victorian Government in 2005, but I’d be astonished if you were not already relatively comfortable.

So you may not currently be enjoying the wealth or income that someone with your considerable qualifications might expect is your due? But is it really the responsibility of the general public to be topping up your income to give you the trappings of the life you believe you deserve?


Thanks, Anitra. The first 18 years of my career was in socialist India’s civil service which had an exceptionally low salary. I started at around $1500 AUD per year in 1982 and my last salary as a senior official in 2000 was around $15k AUD per year.

Coming to Australia – an exceptionally expensive country – with virtually zero savings (in AUD terms) and restarting a career from a level lower than VPS4 and working up to VPS6 – while paying a mortgage, has unfortunately not been enough to save for a retirement that is independent of the Age Pension.

The pressure for me to get a job and give up my fight for liberty is therefore immense. I have always paid the price for principles but sometimes it doesn’t add up.

I will keep fighting a bit more – so long as it makes sense. But *no one in dire straits* should contribute. I always have the fall back of the Age Pension after age 67.

===ADDENDUM 27 JUNE 2022===


Since September 2020 I’ve sacrificed $170,0000 to fight for MY LIBERTY and the TRUTH (I was working 0.6 FTE at the top of VPS6).

How much is your liberty worth to you? $5? $100?

Fund me to help me FIGHT for your liberty:

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