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Compendium of my published articles

I’ve decided (for my own convenience and reference) to bring together all my published articles (not books/manuscripts) since 1980 into a single “book”. This task is pretty daunting, but hopefully I’ll find time to complete it in the coming months.As a first step, I’ve managed to compile my TOI writings since 2007.

DOWNLOAD WORD VERSION HERE. (Select file>save as> download a copy)

My TOI articles and blog postsare intended to form the basis for pamphlets for Swarna Bharat Party on a wide range of topics. I’ll try to produce around 50 short pamphlets (around 1000 words each) during 2019-20 and hopefully all these can get translated into around 10 major Indian languages in the coming years.

I need to first add to my compendium my Freedom First writings, from The Wire, News18, Caravan, Maharashtra Herald, Sentinel, etc. – but don’t have time today for that. Each time I update this compendium I’ll issue a tweet.


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Remembering my Vir Chakra uncle Suresh Sabhlok – who passed away on 20 November 2018

My uncle, Commodore Suresh Sabhlok – who had been awarded Vir Chakra for gallantry displayed during the 1971 Indo-Pak war – passed away on 20 November in Singapore in my cousin’s home at age 90.

The Chief of Naval Staff of India got the India’s Naval Attache in Singapore to lay a wreath at his cremation on behalf of the Indian Navy – a wonderful gesture.

I’m proud of my uncle’s contributions and achievements for India. But more important, perhaps, he was a wonderful uncle to have, always positive and encouraging, and curious about the world. He will remain forever young in the hearts of those who knew him.

I was hoping to meet him in a few weeks in Singapore but that’s not to be. He will be missed.

His award is listed here:


I’m awaiting further details but in the meantime, this, below, is available here.

Commander Sabhlok was the commanding officer of a naval unit which took part in the second naval attack on Karachi.

On the night of 8th December 1971, he was assigned the task of destroying an enemy patrol craft in the approaches to Karachi. Despite the proximity of enemy shore batteries and the danger from enemy aircraft, Cdr Sabhlok led his ship into attack and sank the enemy patrol craft. On completion of his mission, he rejoined his task force and attacked enemy ships and installations off Karachi.

Throughout, Cdr Sabhlok displayed gallantry, leadership and devotion to duty of a high order.


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Penn & Teller – the cookie trick explained – Chris Rose’s clever palming of the cookie inside a hanky

My readers know that I take a keen interest in magic. Not only is it an interest out of curiosity but a deeply scientific interest – since magic is the ONLY way that “religious miracles” have occurred throughout history, and if you can’t understand magic, you WILL be made into at TOTAL BLITHERING FOOL by someone acting to represent the “gods” or the “spirits” or “ghosts” or “telepathy” or “soul” or “rebirth”. One or other “religious guru” WILL pick your pocket.

Mastering magic is a crucial skill – just like the scientific method and the economic way of thinking.

I happened to see this Penn and Teller video in October 2017. My FB post here.

Now that I have basic Shotcut skills, here’s the exact moment when he put the cookie inside his mouth:

Btw, as I had shown elsewhere a few years earlier, this is EXACTLY how that crook Sai Baba fooled millions.

And let me add – I have ENORMOUS respect for professional magicians who do not fool us by telling us that they are god or a “prophet” or “son of God”. They are genuine, honest entertainers.

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