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Author: Sanjeev Sabhlok

Catallaxy Files has retired. A link to some of my Catallaxy posts on

Australia’s premier libertarian blog Catallaxy Files, created by Sinclair Davidson, has called it a day after serving Australia’s classical liberals and libertarians for a very long time (I only came across it around 5-10 years ago, I think).

As usual, costs become an issue and libertarians tend not to have the money to fight for their own liberty. I wasn’t able to chip in, either. I have no money to spare, having barely scraped through my life after resigning two jobs on a matter of principle: one, India’s senior executive service (IAS) because of India’s corrupt political system and the other in Australia as an economist, to fight the totalitarians who are running Australia into the ground.

This blog, might well disappear one day, as well – the web hosting costs for this blog (started in 2009 or 2010, I think) have mounted dramatically over the years.

I had started with the free Blogger but that was had very poor presentation so I shifted first to cheap hosting companies and migrated to WordPress. But the cheap companies were unable to cope with the growing size of this blog, and hackers had a great time for many years – WordPress is extremely vulnerable to attacks. So I had to finally migrate to the ultra-expensive Siteground to ensure that this blog continues to function and is protected from hackers. Siteground costs me well over $AUD600 per year and I can barely cope with these costs at present.

Hopefully I’ll get a job in a year or so, to be able to pay for my ongoing fight for liberty and truth. But one day this blog will have to bid farewell, as well.


Fortunately, not all is lost. Thanks to (which I strongly recommend that people donate to, from time to time), some parts of Catallaxy Files live on at:

Further, I have found some links to a few of my old posts on Catallaxy Files by searching for “” on

As at March 2021:

As at November 2020:

As at: October 2020:

I suspect that more than half my posts on The Files have disappeared permanently. But such is the nature of the internet. Nothing is permanent.

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There are 1 BILLION cases of flu each year. Yet we don’t go crazy and PCR test everyone.

“Influenza is a serious global health threat that impacts all countries: every year, there are an estimated 1 billion cases”

No one goes crazy and does PCR tests on each of these billion people. Sick people stay at home. A few serious ones have to be hospitalised. Some die.

We have lost all sense of context and science during 2020 and 2021.

NOTE: I’ve uploaded this document on my server since I’m confident that the WHO will start deleting all information that gives a lie to its falsehoods during 2020 and 2021.

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Should we worry about Klaus Schwab?

A lot of people are very angry about WEF founder Klaus Schwab. I’ve tended to ignore the WEF as just another think tank. But it is a mystery why it is so popular with big businesses and politicians.

I’m noting down here something entirely unverified by me. I hope by publishing this I’ll be pointed to the truth – and whether there is any merit in this meme.

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Arguments against vaccine passports

A placeholder post – since there is some good info out there but I’ve not been tracking it systematically. Time permitting, I hope to write a comprehensive article for my TOI blog on this issue.

The argument against vaccine passports is growing

The case against vaccine passports

Vax Passports Are a Bad Idea

Priests speak out: the moral case against vaccine passports

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