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The 2014 communist manifesto of Public Health (Richard Horton et al)

Public health published a full-blown political “manifesto” in The Lancet in 2014, written by its editor, Richard Horton. This “medical” journal rightly called it a “manifesto” since it is indistinguishable from Marx’s Communist Manifesto or G.B. Shaw’s Fabian Manifesto.

This is a case of a so-called “scientific” discipline publishing a full-blown communist manifesto. And most of us were entirely unaware of it!

Who will lead the world to this glorious state of “planetary health” as per this manifesto? None other than public health, presumably led by Richard Horton the Marxist (I’ll discuss him separately in the next chapter, particularly his 2017 op-ed).

What exactly does the manifesto want? I’ve summarized its demands below:

  1. It has nothing to do with science, being repeatedly characterized as a “social movement”
  2. Overthrow “neoliberalism” (an “unjust global economic system” that must not be “tolerated”
  3. Stop production and progress: Progress is “dangerous”, there is “over-consumption”
  4. Public health will decide everything for us, as our “independent conscience”

– collective action led by public health

– “promote” health

– “foster” resilience

  1. Focus on equity and “social justice”
  2. People are stupid so their values must be “transformed”; in particular, we must “trust” public health.

This is in the public domain at The Lancet (you have to create an account). I’m sharing more widely with my annotations.

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