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Complete works of Edwin Chadwick and biographies about him

Edwin Chadwick (1800-1890)  is turning out to be an independent thinker of significance in his own right – and while not as prominent as Bentham or J.S. Mill, his works can tell us a lot about how modern public health was conceived of in its original days.

This is a placeholder post. I’ll keep adding links as I come across them. The main purpose of this post is to assist me in quickly accessing Chadwick’s works for my public health review.


1828-1836: An essay on the means of insurance against the casualties of sickness, decrepitude, and mortality: comprising an article reprinted from the Westminster Review (No. XVIII) for April 1828, with additional notes and corrections| [Wellcome version]

1834: Report from His Majesty’s commissioners for inquiring into the administration and practical operation of the Poor Laws. Published by authority.

1834Report from His Majesty’s commissioners on the administration and practical operation of the poor laws, appendix (B.I.), part III, answers to rural queries| [Another version]

1834: Report from His Majesty’s Commissioners on the administration and practical operation of the poor laws, appendix (B.I.), part V, answers to rural queries

1834: Report from His Majesty’s Commissionerson the Administration and Practical Operation of the Poor Laws, appendices (C.), (D.) and (E.)

1842: Report on the sanitary condition of the labouring population of gt. britain

1842: Report to Her Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State For the Home Department, from the Poor Law Commissioners, on an Inquiry Into the Sanitary Condition of the Labouring Population of Great Britain; With Appendices:  Project Gutenberg |

1843: On the best modes of representing accurately, by statistical returns, the duration of life, and the pressure and progress of the causes of mortality amongst different classes of the community, and amongst the populations of different districts and countries / by Edwin Chadwick.

1843: A supplementary report on the results of a spiecal [sic] inquiry into the practice of interment in towns made at the request of Her Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department / by Edwin Chadwick.

1844: On the Best Modes of Representing Accurately, by Statistical Returns, the Duration of Life, and the Pressure and Progress of the Causes of Mortality Amongst Different Classes of the Community, and Amongst the Populations of Different Districts and Countries

1845: A report on the results of a special inquiry into the practice of interment in towns : made at the request of Her Majesty’s principal secretary of state for the Home department

1849:  Report on Quarantine, General Board of Health. Preseneted to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty  [Wellcome] [Harvard] [My notes at sabhlokcity – First General Board of Health’s 1849 report on Quarantine]

1849: Sewer manure. Statement of the course of investigation & results of experiments as to the means of removing the refuse of towns in water, and applying it as manure : with suggestions of further trial works (for voluntary adoption) of the practicability of applying sewer water as manures by subterranean channels; prepared for the consideration of the Committee of Works

1850: Letter from Edwin Chadwick to Colonel Phipps 2 Oct 1850

1856: On defences against epidemic visitations.

1858: On the application of sanitary science in public works of irrigation and works for the relief of towns / by Edwin Chadwick. (1858?)

1858: On the Economical, Social, Educational, and Political Influences of Competitive Examinations, as Tests of Qualifications for Admission to the Junior Appointments in the Public Service

1859: On the Progress of the Principle of Competitive Examination for Admission into the Public Service, With Statistics of Actual Results and An Investigation of Some of the Objections Raised

1859: Results of Different Principles of Legislation and Administration in Europe; of Competition for the Field, as Compared with Competition within the Field, of Service

1860: Address of Edwin Chadwick, Esq., C.B., as vice president of the Public Health Section to the General Meeting of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science, Glasgow, September 29th, 1860 by Edwin Chadwick

1861: A letter to N.W. Senior, Esq., one of Her Majesty’s Commissioners for inquiring into the state of public education, explanatory of communications and of evidence on half school time teaching; on the military drill, and physical training; and on the administration of funds applicable to popular education / by Edwin Chadwick.

1861: Post Office Savings’ Banks

1862: Opening Address of the President of Section F (Economic Science and Statistics) of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, a the Thirty-Second Meeting, at Cambridge, in October, 1862

1863: On the Subject Matters and Methods of Competitive Examinations for the Public Service

1864: Opening Address of the President of the Department of Economy and Trade, at the Meeting of the National Associaiton for the Promotion of Social Science, held at York, in September, 1864

1864: Poor Law Administration, its Chief Principles and their Results in England and Ireland as Compared with Scotland

1871: Sanitary principles of school construction

1873: On the jurisprudence of chargeability for sanitary works and for poor rates, police rates, and other branches of local administration

1877: Public health : address / by Edwin Chadwick, as President of the Health Department at the Science Congress held at Aberdeen, Oct. 1877 ; with corrections and additions. | [ver 2]

1881: Sanitary progress : address of the President of Section A, Brighton Health Congress, Wednesday, December 14th, 1881 on the prevention of epidemics / by Edwin Chadwick.

1882: Sanitary progress : address of the President of Section A, Brighton Health Congress, Wednesday, December 14th, 1881 on the prevention of epidemics

1883: Op-ed by Edwin Chadwick against lockdowns and quarantines – 17 September 1883

1885: Commentaries on the report of the Royal Commission on metropolitan sewage discharge, and of the combined and the separate states of town drainage / by Edwin Chadwick. | [Another version]

1885: On the Evils of Disunity in Central and Local Administration, Especially with Relation to the Metropolis And also on the New Centralisation for the People together with improvements in cofification and in legislative procedure

1887: The jubilee of sanitary science / being the annual address by Edwin Chadwick … at the anniversary dinner of the Association of Public Sanitary Inspectors.

1887:  The Health of Nations: a review of the works of Edwin Chadwick, by Benjamin Ward Richardson in two volumes:

Volume 1: Version at | Another version at | Version at Wellcome |

Volume 2Version at | Another version at |

1889: The present and general condition of sanitary science

1889: On an annual census : with suggestions for annual stocktakings, and reports on them for economical and efficient administration by local authorities

1890: National Health: Abridged from The Health of Nations by Benjamin Ward Richardson

PHYSICAL COLLECTION at UCL: Papers, 1798-1923, of Sir Edwin Chadwick. Over half of the collection consists of correspondence dating from around 1820, but most of the letters were written after 1834.


1925: Sir Edwin Chadwick, 1800-1890 By Marston, Maurice (1925)

1952: Life and Times of Sir Edwin Chadwick by S. E. Finer (1952)

1952: Edwin Chadwick and the Public Health Movement 1832 – 1854 by R A Lewis

1998: Public health and social justice in the age of Chadwick: Britain, 1800-1854 by by Christopher Hamlin

2012: The Economics of Edwin Chadwick: Incentives Matter by Robert B. Ekelund Jr., Professor and Eminent Scholar Emeritus in Economics, Auburn University, US and Edward O. Price III, Professor Emeritus, Oklahoma State University, US, 2012



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