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More on Bill Gates’s obsession with reducing population in developing countries

I’ve noted this elsewhere on this blog, but came across another one:


I’ve set very ambitious goals because I’m quite optimistic.

If you look at, say, the 20 diseases that our Global Health Program goes after, I hope that within 15 years over for half of those we could have had a very dramatic impact.

Some of them will prove to be harder than others, for example AIDS. We will made an improvement but not the dramatic improvement probably in that time frame. Malaria perhaps, and a number of the other ones we have things in the pipeline.

So you know huge change in the mortality rates in developing countries which then has this effect of reducing population growth. That’s the big benefit that then makes everything like education and nutrition a lot easier.

So I have very high expectations. I’m using these dashboards internally at the Foundation to make everything be quite numeric. We’re trying to be rigorous about that, and even share those, so that people can see – oh’ you fell short of what you have mind – and then we get to explain if we have any lessons that might be learnable from other Foundations.

So I think there’s some things about how we go about things that I hope those learnings can have an impact. There’s the specific work in the different divisions, health, development and the US education work. That 15 years, boy, by then we would have spent a lot of money. $3 billion over 15 years, that adds up, and for that people should have very high expectation of what we can do.

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