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My position on Israel

I’ve written a number of social media posts in support of Israel and against the Hamas terrorists.

But I’m also deeply concerned that at least some Muslims seem bent on genocide against the Jews (see my hashtag #genocideagainstJews on Twitter)

In brief:

War has generally been the only way to resolve territorial matters.

The Muslims came from nowhere and captured VAST swathes of land in Asia (incl. India).

Not great for the millions who died or were displaced. But what’s over is over. We have to accept it and move on.

But remember, the same principle applies to the persecuted Jews. They have equal right to stake their claim to territory – through war.

To those who claim that Palestinians have a “right” to the land they had before the Israelis took over in 1948, tell them to FIRST RETURN MY HOMELAND which they stole in 1947. Muslims took over MILLIONS of sq. km. of OTHER PEOPLE’S LANDS. Including MINE!! I was displaced from my ancestral village Pindigheb by MUSLIMS who took over that territory. Millions of Indians were KICKED OUT. Half a million KILLED. By Muslims.


And what happened in the past doesn’t mean I spout hatred against Muslims. Instead, I insist on equal rights for them in India (as opposed to Modi’s ideology of hate).

I would like equality for all under the law but it looks like at least some Muslims really want to kill off all Jews.

Not good. I don’t like Muslims using a religious card against Israel. I don’t like genocidal langauge or hatred against Jews. After all, the Muslims should remember that it was THEY who attacked and ransacked almost all countries in Asia (including India) and killed millions. Should we therefore tolerate it if some of those people’s progeny start talking of Muslim genocide in retribution?

No! What happened happend. We need to rise above perpetual barbarism.

The Jews have taken over some small piece of land for their survival. They face an existential threat from Christians and Muslims – have faced it for hundreds of years. So why are the Muslims saying that they can’t let Israel live in a SMALL piece of land in peace?

Just recognise Israel, accept the areas that are in physical control, and move on.

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