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The works of Captain William White against quarantine

I’ve come across these three works by Captain Whilte:

1834: Treatise on cholera morbus : the method of treatment and means of prevention

1848: Cholera morbus, and the means of prevention and cure: also the remedies of the Central Board of Health, and the atrocities committed with impunity under the Cholera Act, 1832; now about to be reinforced

1837: The evils of quarantine laws, and non-existence of pestilential contagion: the Privy Council, and College of Physicians; the means of prevention and method of cure of the cholera morbus, and the atrocities of the cholera panic

What I have gathered so far:
– He’s a doctor who worked in India under the HEIC (Honourable East India Company)
– He was a great fan of Charles Maclean
– He was an activist and wrote to the PMs of UK etc. to abolish quarantine.


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