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My next TOI blog post: Quarantine is a fool’s errand

Part 1:

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I’ve just sent out an email to a few people re: the quarantine article. Sharing the contents more widely.

Dear friend

It seems to me that no one in the public health fraternity today is even remotely aware that the Sanitarians who started modern public health fought vigorously against quarantine. It is as if the fight against quarantine has been lost in the sands of time.

I only discovered this fact relatively recently and have explored it at some length by now. There are volumes after volumes of evidence that quarantine doesn’t work – and can’t work. But PH has blanked out all this knowledge. I’m certain that’s because abolition of quarantine would do almost all PH professionals out of a job, and therefore this research was consciously buried as deeply as possible.

The Sanitarians were very clear, though – and as explicit and forthright as is humanly possible – that quarantines not only don’t work, they cause enormous harm. They are a deadly policy. That’s precisely what we’ve seen with the covid lockdowns. (I believe that in a few cases, eg. Ebola, a quarantine might help in controlling the spread of disease – but in all other cases quarantine is a fool’s errand.)

I’ve written a 2-part article on this topic for my Times of India blog. They’ve published the first part at: (For the second part, whenever it is finally published, simply substitute “part-2” at the end of the URL for “part-1” and you’ll find it).

Since TOI no longer publishes URLs, I’m sharing the PDF of the complete article (attached). This work forms part of the same research – about borders, lockdowns, focused protection, and so on. By now I’ve assembled 100s of pieces of information to prove scientifically that such policies are a very bad idea. But I’ve not yet seen a SINGLE public health person either mention this research or start educating the public on this matter. I believe every child needs to know that quarantine is a deadly policy, just as they are taught about basic hygiene. We can teach them the couple of exceptions to this policy (e.g. Ebola) separately.

My review of public health has now expanded to five books. Book 2 – on quarantine – will contain around 100k words, basically a cut-paste from numerous 19th century texts that conclusively prove that quarantine can’t work. You can download my current five books (all of them a sketch, none of them yet “readable”) at

If after all this info you’re still not persuaded that we need to abolish public health, then you might be part of the problem!


Sanjeev Sabhlok



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