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Bill Gates is a neo-Malthusian – obsessed with reducing global/African population.

I’ve now finished my study of Gates’s ideology. He’s definiteely a Malthusian. My proofs in a nutshell:

First, he is ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with reducing world population.

An executive from his Foundation said publicly that Gates has “legitimate concern over the burgeoning population of the world”.

In Gates’s his Ted talk of 2010 he was into reducing population (even though he admitted, the rich nations emit 20 times more CO2 than the poor ones)

He is OBSESSED with reducing Africa’s population:

“Population growth in Africa is a challenge,” Gates told reporters.

ANYONE WHO CLAIMS THAT POPULATION GROWTH INCREASES POVERTY IS A FULL-BLOWN MALTHUSIAN. To that extent as well, Gates is a Malthusian. Only one thing increases poverty: Socialism. And liberty is the only thing that eliminates poverty.

Why – if these people emit less than 1/20th the CO2 of rich nations?

Second, he is a GREAT FRIEND OF WEF – Klaus Schwab, who comes straight from the Malthusian camp (e.g. Maurice Strong with 2/3rd reduction in world population).

Third, he is a great fan of CCP – its totalitarian methods to control population, presumably, as well.

Fourth, I’ve NEVER heard him MENTION EVEN ONCE the need to reduce poverty by advancing liberty (how can he, when he supports CCP?).

He’s not interested in the removal of poverty but in REDUCING THE NUMBER OF THE (FILTHY?) POOR.

African youth need to be educated. That’s great, but that’s NOT going to reduce poverty. Education is NOT the solution (just see Cuba). Liberty is. If liberty increases, people will get their children educated themselves.

Finally, I’ve not explored in detail, but Gates is almost certainly a supporter of coercive ways of population control:



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