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Notes on the Objectivist magazine Persuasion

This magazine is archived here:

I’m trying to figure this out – and anything else about the editors, etc.

Seems to have started in 1964:


Persuasion magazine was perhaps the first major tool that Objectivists wielded in their consistent opposition to the draft. The magazine began as the newsletter for

The Metropolitan Young Republican Club, an Objectivist group formed to promote Senator Barry Goldwater’s 1964 presidential campaign. Joan Kennedy Taylor, who helped to found the club and edited its newsletter, explained that “Although [the club] was formed during a specific political campaign… [It] was from the beginning unusual in political circles, as it was primarily devoted to political ideas rather than political action.” These political ideas were largely Objectivist ideas about individual rights and laissez-faire capitalism, which the club condensed into three practical goals: the legalization of abortion, t he right to own gold, and the abolition of the military draft. Taylor, an associate of Rand’s, bought Persuasion from The Metropolitan Young Republican Club in 1965 and transformed it into a magazine.

After Barry Goldwater’s 1964 campaign for the presidency was lost, Persuasion turned its attention towards two high-profile court cases which had emerged in 1966 …

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