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Balaji Srinivasan’s comments on freedom contradict his support for lockdowns

Michael Senger has put out a fascinating analysis of Balaji’s foresight and support for lockdowns and other measures:

At least some of this seems to be based on extrapolating what China was doing. He seems to have closely followed news agencies from China. And he might have had some insights from people he knew in WHO etc.

There’s another set of comments I quickly searched for which indicate strong support for freedom. It is therefore a big question why Balaji did not oppose lockdowns.  Instead, he supported them: “And this may actually work to stop the spread” –

He reminds me of some extreme libertarians for whom finding ways to hide from government (crypto/ Patri Friedman style seasteading, etc.) is important, but who also actively supported restrictions on movement and got personally terrorised by covid.



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