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My next TOI blog post: Public health is not a science


I’ve added this comment to the article:

I’ve discovered that I’m not the first person in human history to discover that public health is not a science. Eminent public health specialists have said so:

1988: “public health is not a science, but a form of social activism” (Sander Greenland of the UCLA School of Public Health in the 1988 book, Causal Inference ed. Kenneth Rothman)

1999: “Public health is not a science, rather an art or even better, a craft . It applies scientific concepts, strategies, and methods, which it borrows from disciplines like sociology, ecology , epidemiology, psychology” (In Keepers of the Central Fire by Lorelei Anne Lambert Colomeda)

2010: “Like the field of medicine from which it emanates, public health is more a process of intervention than a research activity. … public health is not a science”.(V. Ridde in an article in Research and Reports in Tropical Medicine)

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