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List of basic books on liberty for a library in an interior village in Assam

I’ve been asked to propose a few books that can be purchased to build a library in an interior part of Assam. The readers would have elementary English skills, and struggle to read long books. That rules out The Hayek’s Constitution of Liberty or even Mises’s Human Action.

Instead, here’s a few books that such a library could hold, in no particular order. There are plenty of books published by the Liberty Fund and other institutes, as well.

Seeing the Invisible – Sanjeev Sabhlok
Breaking Free of Nehru – Sanjeev Sabhlok
Economics in One Lesson – Henry Hazlitt
The Law – Bastiat
Roots of Freedom – John Danford
Capitalism and Freedom – Milton Friedman
Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal – Ayn Rand
Fatal Conceit – Hayek
Road to Serfdom – Hayek (an abridged version is available via IEA)
The Morality of Capitalism – Tom Palmer
Adam Smith: A Primer – Eamonn Butler
The Wisdom of Adam Smith – Selected by John Haggarty
P.J.O’Rourke on The Wealth of Nations
On Liberty – J.S. Mill
Freedom and Dissent – ed. by R. Srinivasan
1984 – George Orwell’s
Brave New World – Aldoux Huxley
The Road to Freedom – Arthur Brooks

Publications by CCS and Liberty Institute (get their list) – most of their books are excellent, some are focused on India.
e.g. Self Regulation in the Civil Society

BIT ADVANCED/ LONGER – worth getting
The Ultimate Resource – Julian Simon (difficult to procure: online version available)
The Beautiful Tree – James Tooley
Sex, Science and Profits – Terrence Kealey
Discovery of Freedom – Sanjeev Sabhlok, manuscript (can be viewed online)
The Science of Liberty – Timothy Ferris


Liberty for Beginners: Eighty Essays on Freedom






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