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The submission to VCAT by 815 Truemans Cabin Hire Pty Ltd – to seek compensation from Victorian government

Someone’s share this info:


The applicant applied to the secretary of DHHS for compensation and VCAT has been asked to determine if the CHO (Brett Sutton) had sufficient grounds for authorizing the use of emergency and public health risk powers under the PHW Act and, if not, to pay just and reasonable compensation.

Brett Sutton was questioned under oath and his responses are included in the document. It’s all rather shocking to read. VCAT has as yet not made a determination.


The document – a PDF, is available at

I’ve skimmed through this. I’ve seen some pretty ordinary legal cases in the past, but this one seems to be much better. If I had been asked and if I had time, I’d have provided some more inputs to this submission, but overall, this is a good document.

It is unclear to me, however, whether any court in Victoria has the courage to upturn the government’s policies, which have also been ratified by Victorian and national courts.

One can only hope that the VCAT has an inquisitive mind.

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