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My position re: Stop North East Link Alliance (SNELA)

My response to an email received:

xx, thanks for this. There was a group called RUANELA that sent me their suggestions last time around (I contested the seat of Menzies). I published my response here:

I’ve advised within the government on a number of infrastructure projects and on public transport – I do believe a CBA is generally conducted (although not always published due to commercial-in-confidence issues: we don’t want bidders to know the cost estimates that the government uses). I’ve seen many cabinet-in-confidence CBAs for infrastructure, but not this particular one. Public transport is not a magic bullet since many Victorians have no hope of using it (I have been distributing my flyers across Bulleen/Menzies and around 90% of the homes are simply not within walking distance of any public transport – the topography is unsuitable). Currently, for every $10 in ticket price that’s paid by the public, the subsidy from taxpayers is well over $30. While much of it is justified due to reduced congestion and pollution, the point of efficient subsidisation might have passed.

The use of cars will continue in the medium term, so large roads are an inevitability unless we want Victorians to be impoverished. We should improve NELP, not scrap it. Also, there are definitely better (and cheaper) options for public transport and I’ve suggested many of them while I was inside the government, but there is no political will to reform the bus system including the Bus Act and mass transit bus system.

My focus is to get back basic human rights and sanity in Australia – something for which I’ve quit my job and am fighting till today. Hope you can support me on this most basic issue. Help me get into Parliament – I can assure you I’m 100% committed to evidence and reason and will be most keen to raise any well-justified arguments of yours in the Parliament and beyond.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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