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My objections to the APMS letter re: vaccine deaths

I object to the lies spread by APMS re: vaccines.

This is the letter of APMS that I object vigorously to.

The letter claims that vaccines are causing major deaths across the world. The reality is entirely different:

1) In Sweden, which had no lockdowns deaths in 2021, there’s a steep decline in mortality – the lowest in its history. If vaccines were killing on any large scale, that could not possibly have happened. This trend of low mortality is continuing in Sweden in 2022, the last I checked.

2) The VAERS and other such databases are largely a piece of garbage – with reliability close to zero. Yes, they CAN (and should) be used to study issues more formally, but to base claims about vaccine harms from such databases is pure nonsense.

3) Yes, undoubtedly the covid vaccines have caused some serious side effects and even some deaths, so mandating them was nothing short of criminal. The cost-benefit ratio also rarely added up for anyone below 75. But to exaggerate vaccine harms is equally a crime as exaggerating covid harms.

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