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Announcement: resignation from the Victorian branch of Australian Federation Party


I am resigning from the (currently being formed) Victorian branch of the Australian Federation Party.

1. Despite repeated reminders, Peter Harris has failed to hear or address my significant concerns about the party. Since mid-March 2021 I used to speak with Peter Harris on a regular basis to discuss Australia’s Representatives for which I put in hundreds of hours of intense work in 2021, but PH (as leader of AFP) has not found time for months now to even hear about my concerns.

2. I have come across potential integrity issues in the party – such matters are simply unacceptable.

3. The merger has failed. AFP bears no resemblance to AusReps, the party I had helped start in March 2021 with the goal of offering an alternative to the major parties.

4. I do not lightly dissociate with something I had personally helped start (AusReps). AusRep members should think carefully about whether AFP is the answer they are seeking. Australia needs an alternative major party but I don’t have the energy any more to help create one.

I would like to add that in June 2021 I had paid the $500 fee for registration of AusReps and also another $880 for party work approved by PH but despite at least 20 reminders, the party has not reimbursed my money. This is totally unacceptable.

More later.

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