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My current plans for the Victorian State Parliament election in November 2022


Just wanted to say thank you for putting yourself forward as a candidate for the last election

Sadly I didn’t find out about your candidacy until a few days before the election but did get to see your Doncaster Church of Christ speech which led me to your website and also to your book which I have purchased through Amazon.

I appreciate your ideas and the stand you have taken for all Victorians (Australians)

I truly hope you are not lost to politics and should decide to contest the Victorian State election you will again have my vote.


Thanks, XX. The Australian Federation Party is not registered in Victoria so I don’t know whether I’ll contest from that party, but my current plan is to contest the election. I’ve started printing and will distribute flyers in mailboxes from today. If you have time, please consider doing the same (here’s the link:

Depending on the extent to which I’m able to persuade the people of Bulleen that they have been completely scammed by the LibLabs, I’ll either apply to some minor registered party or contest as an independent. If the people don’t wake up at all then I’ll re-consider my plans. At present there is no option but to wake up the people. And it has to be done at the grassroots since I have no money to do anything else.


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