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Invitation to skilled professionals to get involved in a paper that proves that lockdowns increase COVID deaths

I’ve sent this email to senior academics and a few others. If you are highly skilled in the relevant areas -e.g. epidemiology, statistics, AND will devote significant time to this work, I’d be happy to consider you as co-author. Let me know at


Dear all, I’ve started working on a paper yesterday using the OxCGRT database which not just proves that lockdowns don’t work but that they increase COVID deaths:

I think this paper, when completed, should be suitable for sending to some of the world’s best public health academic journals for their consideration.

If you’re interested in working with me on this, please let me know. I hope to get the finished produce out within 2-3 weeks. If you can’t spare time, please consider looking into the draft every few days and providing me with comments. This paper will keep getting updated 5-10 times every day for the next few weeks, so bookmark the URL above for a quick look whenever you find time.

If I find significant interest in co-authoring this paper, I’ll convert it into a google document for the co-authors to edit /comment at their convenience. I’d like the work to be in the public domain at all times – whenever I’ve done so in the past (e.g. with my books) I’ve received invaluable feedback from the general community.

If anyone knows Anders Tegnell’s latest email ID, could you please forward this to him. And to Scott Atlas. Or to anyone else with relevant skills who can add value.




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