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Australia’s mass-COVID massacre (plus mass-lockdown massacre)

Reminded of this fabulous interview by Johan Giesecke with Sky News on 29 April 2020. He predicted with prefect foresight Australia’s MASS-SCALE COVID DEATHS OF 2022.

In the meantime Australia has already massacred thousands through lockdowns + caused untold harms. [See:] – source.

Interviewer: But you think that at the end of the day they’re all pretty much going to end up with the same fatalities, the same results, the same deaths regardless of what measures they took. Explain that.

Giesecke: Yep. .. [T]he other thing with a lockdown is – when you open it you will have more cases, so the countries who pride themselves in having few deaths now will get these deaths when they start lifting the lockdown.



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